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EXCLUSIVE: Lucy Whittaker Premieres Who’s Gonna Know

We at CelebMix are always on the hunt in order to find you the most promising uprising singers on the music scene. Without a doubt, it was a pure delight to stumble upon Lucy Whittaker, a highly influential pop sound.

Lucy is an unsigned artist with a reputation for producing absolutely infectious pop songs. It is therefore no wonder that she can even count celebrities like BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo, who has called her “proper pop”, as one of her fans.

We have to admit that she really is proper pop, if not the purest form of pop ecstasy you can find on the music scene right now.

Next to supporting big artists like Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie, Lucy is also currently readying her latest release “Who’s Gonna Know”.

Her brand new track takes us into a slightly darker and edgier version of the singer’s musical journey. “The track is about the dark desires that everybody feels at some point, and trying to keep those feelings hidden whilst also giving in to them“, explains Lucy. Filled with groovy synths and a dark, thumping beat that accompanies Lucy’s vocals splendidly, it is a perfect showcase of the singer’s talent. But fear not: whilst darker, it is obviously as good as her previous tracks.

“Who’s Gonna Know” also marks her first collaboration with another artist on a track. The man in question is called Yizzy and lends his vocals on the third verse to complete the new release. Talking about this choice, Lucy mentions that “when I heard his vocals on the song for the first time, it felt like we’d found the missing piece.” If you want to know more about the collaboration with Yizzy, feel free to read our interview with the singer down below.

We at CelebMix could therefore not be any more excited to unveil the exclusive premiere of Lucy Whittaker’s brand new track to you. Listen to it right here:


Next to premiering the track, Lucy also took some time off to have a quick chat with us about the details about the track, her saddest day as well as what the LGBT community means to her. Continue reading for the exclusive interview with Lucy:

Hey Lucy, how are you? How does it feel to have a brand new song out?

Hey guys! I’m really well, and feeling so excited about releasing ‘Who’s Gonna Know’. It feels amazing to finally release this track, and I can’t wait for people to hear the new sound!

How did the collaboration with Yizzy come together?

I’ve been following Yizzy for a while now, and love what he does. I really wanted him on this song so decided to reach out at the beginning of the year, and luckily he jumped on it! It’s amazing to have him on the track – he’s doing so much for grime right now, so make sure to follow him.

What makes the song so special in your eyes?

For me, this song marks the point where I decided to push my boundaries a bit more, and take more risks when making music. I wanted to try creating something a bit more gritty, so I sat down with my producer Monkey Harper, and ‘Who’s Gonna Know’ was born. For the last year, I’ve been working on new music with a developed sound, so this is the first track in this new chapter of my musical life!

If you had the chance to work with any artist/s (songwriter, producer, singer, you name it) who would it be?

Without a doubt, Drake. He smashes it every time, and I would love to know how he works.

What should our CelebMixers definitely know about you?

I’m gutted that Justin Bieber chose Hailey Baldwin over me! It was a sad day…

Last but not least: How does it feel to play all the big Pride stages during Pride season? What would you like to tell the LGBT community?

Prides are the best! The crowd is always so fun, and the atmosphere is always positive. Everyone’s there to have a good time and celebrate who they are, and it’s a really liberating feeling. The fight for equality is so important, and to be able to stand with my community in solidarity is always emotional for me.

Thank you so much for the interview.

Thanks so much for talking to me! I hope you love ‘Who’s Gonna Know’.

“Who’s Gonna Know” will be available Friday July 27th on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice.

Be sure to follow Lucy Whittaker on her journey on her social media accounts.

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