Premiere | Menny Delivers ‘Wings,’ feat. Sean Kingston

Pop singer-songwriter Menny premieres the music video for “Wings” on CelebMix.

An Orthodox Jew originally from Israel, Itzhak Amram, aka Menny, grew up in a musical family. Discovering a gift for the drums at an early age, he soon began playing other instruments, followed by composing lyrics and singing.

In 2002, Menny left Israel and moved to Brooklyn, NY, where he worked as a DJ. He studied dance with Robin Dunn and Tweet Boogie at the Alvin Ailey Great School of Dance. In 2015, he began work on songs for an album, releasing his debut single, “Level Up,” in 2017. Recently, Menny hooked up with pop-star Sean Kingston on “Wings,” an electro-dance tune radiating contagious dynamism.

“Wings” opens on shimmering, surfacing synths flowing into a pulsing dance groove riding a tight syncopated beat. The first verse offers Menny, forking out melodic rap-lite rhymes.

“I am far from the ground / A little bird try to fly  / You take me so far / Never get enough / Unlimited supply / Fly so low fill me up  / Looking for the sunrise / Wrapped up in your love.”

The synths build and the chorus kicks in, featuring Kingston’s distinctive exuberant tones, infusing the tune with bright buoyant colors.

A potent bass line and thumping kick drum drive the infectious rhythm, imbuing the tune with an irresistible throbbing energy that grabs you by the hips and demands you get up and get your skank on.

The hook, full of tantalizing momentum, delivers palpable magnetism.

“Girl you give me wings (What) / Girl you give me wings (Hands up!) / Whoa oh oh oh / Girl you give me wings (Let’s go) / Girl you give me wings (Whoa HEY!).”

The video emanates buff get-up-and-go, along with an addictive vitality that pervades not only the visuals, but bleeds out infecting viewers with the same energetic gusto.

“Wings” is seductively excellent, full of excitement and ensnaring energy. Menny and Sean Kingston really go all in on this song.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.