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PREMIERE: Miss Christine – “Conversion” (video)

Miss Christine has unleashed the epic music video for her latest single “Conversion”, which CelebMix is premiering.

The indie-rock song is a dark, emotional number that is lyrically about wanting more for yourself and the desires of a brighter future but struggling amongst a dark reality.

And the video helps to portray the song’s emotions perfectly.

First, we see Miss Christine becoming more and more distressed throughout the video, and she also smudges her lipstick across her face, as she attempts to break free from the pressures of the world.

She then starts to fall in and out of clarity, whilst trying to disassociate herself with the ‘image’ she has put on display for the world.

It is an intricate and mysterious video, complimenting the song’s edgy nature.

You can see the “Conversion” video here:

Speaking of the video, Christine said:

“I wrote the song ‘Conversion’ to be kind of neurotic and I wanted the video to reflect that.

“We shot it in a few hours and all of the effects were done live. Anana Kaye of Duende Vision is an amazing videographer and used techniques from the ’30s and ’40s which gives the video its trippy vibe.”

“Conversion” is the title track from Miss Christine’s newly released album of the same name.

After touring the world and performing side gigs across Nashville, Christine returned to her home state of Iowa and settled for life on a farm, as she aimed to find peace amongst herself, whilst exploring her mind.

The “Conversion” album is an array of different styles, ranging from indie-rock, new wave and blues, and discusses topical conversations such as Christine’s own personal strength, and even the current political climate in the United States.

If you like the title track and its video, make sure to check out the album below:

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