Nico Cartosio
Christmas on the Moon

PREMIERE: Nico Cartosio Releases ‘Christmas on the Moon’

Nico Cartosio was born in Russia, records in London, and shoots his music videos in locations around the world. A neo-romantic composer, Cartosio premieres “Christmas on the Moon” on CelebMix.

“Christmas on the Moon” follows Cartosio’s last piece, “Cocaine March,” a phenomenal work of musical artistry confronting the topics of the apocalypse and depression, which has reached epidemic proportions in the modern world. His maiden tour de force, entitled “Snow Above The Earth – Requiem For The Tunes Unplayed,” accumulated more than 3.4 million views in the first month.

Cartosio explains the concept behind “Christmas on the Moon,” saying, “Christmas is such a joyous time. But haven’t you ever happened to feel unbearably sad on this night? I believe those who are alone this Christmas would understand me.”

Opening with an elegant, almost fragile piano accompanied by a gorgeous single violin, pure and crystalline, the piece slowly swells as streaming strings enter, infusing the music with glorious colors and mounting textures. As the climax passes, the music descends once more to melancholic scope. Graceful and tender, the piano asserts is primacy, glittering with austere beauty. When the violin rejoins, the harmonics achieve nuanced tones of suppressed intimacy, ushering in the luxury of total emotional commitment.

With his musical elegance, Nico Cartosio appears to be one of the most interesting neoclassical composers in today’s world.

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Written by Randy

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