Only Bricks

PREMIERE: Only Bricks – “Alright!”

So-Cal based indie pop duo Only Bricks have just released their latest single, “Alright!”, which CelebMix are premiering.

The uptempo song is a catchy carefree pop track and it’s perfect for summer.

Lyrically, the song is a female empowerment anthem, reminding the listener that things are going to be fine after overcoming a heartbreak.

Only Bricks’ lead vocalist, Anne DiGiovanni, said she was inspired by a breakup that a close friend went through to write the track.

“The song was inspired by one of my girlfriends who was going through a tough breakup,” she revealed.

“I wanted to let her know that, despite the heartbreak she was going through, she was (and all women are) stronger than she realised and that it was going to be all alright.”

Only Bricks

Only Bricks’ debut EP, “Foundations”, was released last year, consisting of a mixture of rock, pop and dance anthems, and it is available to stream on SoundCloud.

The duo, consisting of Anne and her husband, guitarist Joseph Lewczak, have already received critical acclaim, with praise hailing from music blogs such as Musicotfuture, Thinking Lyrically and Indie Voice.

To celebrate the release of “Alright!”, the band will be playing at the Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles on 26 July, with upcoming dates in San Francisco and the East Coast to follow.

We can’t stop listening to this song, and we look forward to hearing more from Only Bricks!

You can listen to “Alright!” below:

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