PREMIERE | The Habits Unveil Video For ‘Thirsty’

Alt-pop outfit The Habits premiere their new music video on CelebMix. Entitled “Thirsty,” the song is the second release from the duo’s debut self-titled EP, dropping today, June 14.

Produced by Courtney Ballard, the EP’s release show is scheduled for June 29, at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, followed by soon-to-be-announced summer tour dates.

According to vocalist/guitarist Wolf Bradley, “Making the ‘Thirsty’ video was so much fun. I love the Santa Monica pier. It’s so intrinsically southern California and it fits the vibe of the song perfectly. We made the video with our longtime collaborator, Jake Stark, and it was the easiest video we’ve ever shot. A day at the pier with a beautiful girl, what more could you ask for? ‘Thirsty’ is about the time in a relationship where everything is new and exciting. New love is the best and this song is about holding on to that feeling as long as you can.”

The Habits, Wolf Bradley and drummer Andrew Macatrao, grew up together in So-Cal, in the blue-collar town of San Pedro. Citing influences from Good Charlotte, Blink 182, The 1975, Maroon 5, and Cage The Elephant, since forming The Habits, the duo has played “pretty much every bar, club, basement, and alleyway in LA,” allowing them to buff their distinctive sound to a high gloss, while simultaneously tightening up their live performances.

“Thirsty” opens on cool textures of color flowing into an ebullient, percolating electro-pop melody. Vibrant drums and a plump, tasty bass line drive the infectious rhythm, as Bradley’s dulcet tenor glides over the harmonics. Luminous vocal harmonies infuse the music with gleaming depth and brilliant dimension.

A soft creamy piano-filled breakdown shifts the song’s momentum and introduces a dazzling guitar solo rife with penetrating hues.

The video depicts the effulgent glow of new love, as a young couple spend the day at the boardwalk, riding the coaster, playing in the ocean surf, and hugging on the Ferris wheel.

“Thirsty” offers delicious pop textures, full of tantalizing shimmers of sonic color, along with a contagious rhythm and yummy vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.