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PREMIERE | Y. Dan Rubinstein Releases Seductive ‘Farewell, Farewell Adieu’

San Francisco’s folk/jazz/rock singer-songwriter Y. Dan Rubinstein introduces his new single/music video today on CelebMix.

Rubinstein’s genesis as a musician began as a child, playing piano and guitar. Later, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, touching down in the midst of Silicon Valley, where he became a serial entrepreneur.

With music put on the back burner, it wasn’t until he attended one of his children’s violin lessons that the dormant music bug awakened. His original intention was to study the violin alongside his child. Instead, he developed his skill on the guitar. He began writing songs almost by happenstance, when an email he was composing metamorphosed into lyrics, followed by a melody.

According to Rubinstein, “It was such an energizing experience! I wrote a few more poems and set them to music and started going to weekly songwriting workshops and song circles.”

Rubinstein has performed at West Coast Songwriters and the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival, as well as in the Bay Area. Influenced by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, and Sting, Rubinstein is preparing to drop a new album, Stolen Moments, a collection of acoustic pop songs.

“Farewell, Farewell Adieu” opens on cool sensuous colors flowing into a Latin-flavored folk-pop tune riding a sumptuously sleek rhythm rife with a rounded bassline and delicious percussion. The melody is reminiscent of Ravel’s “Bolero” amalgamated with lush pop flair, infusing the tune with tantalizing wisps of recollection.

Rubinstein’s voice, a rich tenor, glides on silky tones over the harmonics. It’s a gentle, tender voice full of smooth clean textures and warm surface savors.

“He thought he loved you / He really needed you / Oh what could have been / Farewell, farewell, adieu.”

The video, set in Europe, depicts the allure of passionate love, showing lovers enjoying each other’s company. The lyrics paint a picture of love lost, yet fondly remembered.

With “Farewell, Farewell Adieu,” Y. Dan Rubinstein delivers a gorgeous song, full of creamy quixotic flavors, and velvety vocals.

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Written by Randy

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