Prepping for the Return of How To Get Away With Murder



Considering Shonda Rhimes is one of the most significant figures of our time, it’s a no-brainer that she also harbors lots of secrets. One of the biggest secrets she and Peter Nowalk are keeping this time around is how Wes is dead and no one was sure it was even happening — I mean, the poor boy was alive during the whole thing but dead at the same time? How is that possible?

But we know that with this new season we’ll definitely see some crazy twists and turns, especially when we look back at all the previous seasons and all the shocking stuff that happened. We’ve got lots of expectations for the return of the season, but one thing we’re not counting on? Answers.

Will we be getting any?

As has been proven with previous seasons, we won’t be receiving any concrete answers or explanations until the last episodes of the season. We’re expecting to be confused and conflicted throughout the entire rest of the season and we believe you’ll be as confused as we are.

Peter Nowalk is definitely taking some major risks with the show, especially when we remember how central Wes has been to the previous seasons — this all literally revolved around him at some point. Wes lost his girlfriend, his mother, his father, and his life (we’re totally not trying to remind anyone about the fact that Laurel is pregnant, btw). But for Peter to follow this trend of killing off a beloved, major character, we’re all sort of drawing a blank at what could possibly happen next in HTGAWM. The mid-season finale proved that no one is safe!

So what can we all do to prep for the remainder of season 3? What can we do to be ready for HTGAWM to destroy our minds, emotions, and souls?


That’s right folks — there is nothing (NOTHING) in the world we could do to help us prepare for the return of HTGAWM. We’re going to be left in the dark for a looooong time, we’re going to be cracking our heads trying to find out how it’s possible for Wes to be dead, and we’re going to spend a very long time wondering how it’s possible for one show to cause so much pain.

We’ll probably just sit around, in shock when the episodes end. And we’ll probably question everything we ever held close to our hearts. How to Get Away with Murder is setting a new standard for how conflicting and shocking a show could be  — there is a very solid reason for why this show stands in the coveted TGIT spot. People all around the US (and the world) will flock to their computer/TV screens to watch the return of this show, because it’s a really good show. But it’s also a painful one.


How to Get Away with Murder is super painful.

So after careful consideration, what is the only thing we can do? Enjoy the show as it comes along. We can’t really anticipate anything and we can’t go into this with a set mindset — because it will all change by the time we finish the 3rd episode. We’ll just have to follow along, create some random theories on Reddit, and hope for the best.

We’re at a complete loss for ideas — harboring any would just cause some heartbreak and even more confusion. So our only piece of advice for this upcoming season? Get some good snacks and try not to spoil anything for your friends.

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