Pride Month Special: Troye Sivan’s Contribution to the LGBTQ+ community

As some people say, every drop in the ocean counts. On 1st Jan 2012, Troye Sivan made a move that would make him the face of change in the pop culture for years to come.

As a part of her album 21, Adele gave us a beautiful song “Someone Like You” but it only offered a female perspective, “her” feelings after a heartbreak. When Sivan uploaded his cover of the song in the year 2012, he made sure to include “anyone” who has gone through the grief of heartbreak. This small attempt by Troye Sivan paved the road for movement of inclusivity he would soon be embarking on through his music.

Through the years, Troye Sivan has managed to carve a niche of his own. When he released his album “Blue Neighborhood”, it garnered a huge attention amongst netizens, not just for its quality but also for the kind of message it was trying to convey. The tragic dilemma with Sivan’s lover and the mistreatment by his father showed the cruel fate of many teenagers in the world.

Even today when there is so much awareness around the world, teenagers still stay in the closet for years for the fear of being ridiculed for who they are. Sivan’s works are trying to reverse this.

The singer started this year with his single “Heaven” that was released on the date of the President’s Inauguration. When many people mourned Trump’s victory, his video came as a note of assurance. His message was simple we’ll have to fight for our rights. The song showed snippets from the past when activists gave everything to fight for the community. The song discussed Sivan’s disconnect with religion as the institution has proven to be unwelcoming to him. Through the video, he conveyed a direct message “being gay does not make one a sinner”.

Sivan has made a good use of social media platforms to ease the anxiety of teenagers who lack confidence in their own identity. His “Coming Out” video is one of the most watched “Coming Out” videos on YouTube. The virtual confession has become the morale booster for many individuals who have faced a difficulty in revealing their orientation to friends, family, or to peers.

Be it with his painted nails, or with his piercing, Sivan has carved out a character for himself in pop culture that can’t be confined to one particular type. He has made things seem cool that in the past would have invited mockery and shame from people. Things he does don’t draw in acceptance because he is gay but because he is an individual who does not care what people think about him. He motivates other to do the same. Yet he is not the only one doing this. If you look closely, you’ll see other artists encouraging everyone to be who they are and doing so genuinely.

Recently, the singer was awarded by GLAAD’s Stephen F. Kolzak Award at 28th Annual GLAAD Awards. He dedicated his award to pioneers of Act Up Movement and several other activists who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom and rights of LGBTQ+ community.

He and his mother have been working for an anti-bullying campaign in the schools of Australia where gay students are commonly bullied for being gay. The singer along with his mother launched a movement to stop the ill-treatment of students.

Sivan’s sheer courage and perseverance to work for the betterment of his community are commendable and he definitely deserves a mention.

Every day, hate crimes are committed on people from LGBTQ+ community and it’s terrifying that even after coming into the 21st century, people have not been able to accept the fact that the world just doesn’t comprise of males and females. There is more than one identity and our mere awareness makes it easier for another person to live. The best statement to end this article would be the words of singer himself:

“Don’t let anyone strip you of your truth and love because those are the foundations of who we are as a community.”

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Written by Ayushi

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