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EXCLUSIVE: Prince Fox Talks “Same Love”, Touring And New Music

New music, new tour, new sound, new…Prince Fox?

Prince Fox just released his latest single “Same Love” and we are loving it. The track follows his debut album “ALL THIS MUSIC, VOL. 1” which included massive collaborations with Bella Thorne and Quin XCII.

While his previous records took inspiration from the future-pop genre, his new track “Same Love” steers into a different direction. The song opens up with a guitar and builds its way into a crescendo of synths once the beat drops. It’s “pop that knocks”, as Prince Fox fittingly worded it on the single art.

Between releasing new music, planning his upcoming tour and finishing his latest record, the producer sat down with us to talk about all of our burning questions.

Listen to the song right here and read our interview below:

Hey, Prince Fox! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! Before we start, we would like to congratulate you on the new release! How does it feel to have a new song out?

Thank you! It feels great – I love putting new music out.

“Same Love” is quite the sad banger! What was your inspiration behind it? And what did the creative process behind it look like?

I wrote this song on a writing retreat in Nashville at the Spotify Secret Genius Studios with Chaz Cardigan and Dylan Ander. It was our second song of our short 4 hour session, and from the moment we wrote it, it felt special to me. I really thought it captured the essence of falling out of love with someone, whether its a friend, or significant other, etc. I produced about 20 different versions of the song until I came up with the most recent version that finally felt right to me.

The new release sees you venturing into a different sound. Why did you decide to go in this direction?

I just feel like every day I am growing and changing as a person, but what stays consistent is how overly nostalgic I am. I really wanted to put that guitar driven 90’s-00’s nostalgia in every song on this EP.

Do you feel like your approach to songwriting and producing has changed over the years, especially with “Same Love”?

In some ways yes and in some ways no. I think that I am much harsher on myself than I was in the past, which yields more stress but better results!

You have already worked with huge artists such as Hailee Steinfeld and Bella Thorne: do you have a favorite collaboration and, if so, why is it your favorite?

I hate to sound like a mom at parent teacher conferences but – I love all of my collaborators across the board. Each experience has been so rewarding, and taught me so much about how different everyone’s creative processes are, and what I can step back and learn from others.

With which artists would you like to work together in the future (either by creating songs with them or remixing their music) and why?

I am doing a lot of production for other artists at the moment, so its quite a long list but I would say in the next year or so the artists I would love to work with that I haven’t yet are: Chelsea Cutler, Vincent, Justin Jesso, Alexander 23, Normani, DaBaby,  and Ava Max. I think each one of them are so different, and I adore being challenged to create various soundscapes and genres and help bring other’s visions to life.

Are you allowed to share whether more music is coming in the future, maybe an EP or another album?

Yes! My EP is called ‘I Got U’ and it will be out in early 2020.

We heard that you are also going on a winter tour! What do you enjoy most about touring and what can we expect from your upcoming shows?

I am indeed! For this tour I will be mainly DJ’ing and I just want to party with my supporters and friends, while playing some music they know, some they recognize but that’s produced differently, and some songs that they’ve never heard and probably won’t ever be released to the public.

The year is almost over so: what are you most proud of doing this year? And what would you like to accomplish next year?

I’m just stoked to be able to say that I am better than I was yesterday, and I want to continue to focus on being present in the moment and working towards being better as a person and musician every day. 

Thank you so much for the interview.

“Same Love” is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and platform of your choice. It was released via Prince Fox himself.

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