Prince’s ‘Yellow Cloud’ Guitar is Sold for £100,000 at Auction

Prince was an unbelievable icon as everybody knows so it is no wonder that his guitar has been sold for alot of money at the auction which was held in Beverly Hills, California.

His ‘Yellow Cloud’ electric guitar is just as iconic as he was, as he played it during many concerts. Now, it has been sold for just over £100,000.

Prince's 'Yellow Cloud' Guitar is Sold for £100,000 at Auction 2

The owner of the American football team, Indianapolis Colt, stepped up to buy it.

Jim Isray collects instruments and can now add Prince’s luminous guitar to his collection full of big names such as Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead and Ringo Starr.

Heritage Auctions conducted the auction and stated that the guitar was one of Prince’s favourites from the late 1980’s to the mid ’90’s.

Prince's 'Yellow Cloud' Guitar is Sold for £100,000 at Auction 3

Another piece of famous memorabilia was also sold at the same auction – a lock of David Bowie’s hair!

Bowie also, sadly, died earlier this year and items of his have been going on sale for collectors.

The lock of hair was sold for just under £14,000!

A former Madame Tussauds employee from London had put it up for auction after previously using it to recreate the icon’s 1983 hairstyle for a waxwork.

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