Princess Diaries 3: The Journey Continues

MIRACLES HAPPEN! The latest movie which announces a revival in its franchise is the Princess Diaries. Speculations are that series director Garry Marshall had been in talks with Anne Hathway for starring in the Princess Diaries 3. However, with Hathaway being heavily pregnant at the moment, the movie would have to wait for some time before shooting begins.

The audience had loved the first two movies of the hit series where Hathaway played the princess of Genovia. Her transformation from the simple girl-next-door to the elegant princess caught the fancy of every teenage girl. But, life is not static. One moves on from teenage to adult life. Thus, it is expected that the latest movie would explore on the marital life of the princess (crowned queen in Princess Diaries 2).

Furthermore, it would be very relatable as most teenagers who loved Princess Mia during their teens would also experience adulthood and marriage at the same time Mia experiences it. It would thus invoke memories of the whole journey so far.

Princess Diaries 3: The journey Continues 1

The biggest surprise and a whole lot of excitement comes with the news that the Princess of Genovia would make her grand entry in Manhattan. New York City which is considered as the city of dreams, the city of true love and the city which never sleeps would welcome Princess Mia this time. Now, it would only be a matter of patient waiting till the movie hits the theatres to see how the city and the princess treat each other. Would New York City embrace her or would it pose new challenges in front of her?

While Anne Hathaway has been roped in for her role in Princess Diaries 3, speculations are that Chris Pyne is also on board. But further information about the cast of the movie has not yet been revealed.

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