One Direction Fans Show What Home Means to Them with #ProjectHome

One Direction fans are nothing if not dedicated, compassionate, and always supportive of Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis.  The unconditional way that One Direction fans love and stand behind the lads hasn’t stopped just because they’re on a hiatus, in most ways, it’s absolutely grown.

Project Home is a week long project set to get Home the recognition it deserves and day one of the project was an absolute smash!  Fans from all over the world got #ProjectHome trending and did so by submitting tweets that explained why Home was important to them – complete with personal stories, fan art, videos, and drawings done by fans, for fans and for Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam.

If you’re a One Direction fan, your Twitter feed probably made you cry at some point today – good tears of course.  It probably made you value the people in your life and cherish the memories, friends, and the 4 wonderful boys that made you feel loved.  Today, Home was every concert venue where you saw One Direction, every city you traveled to with their music as the soundtrack, and each new adventure you experienced because of the lads – in one way or another.

Today, we saw testaments of One Direction fans that made it absolutely clear that home is not four walls and a roof, home is a feeling, it’s a song, it’s a memory and it’s your best friends, it’s the moments you wouldn’t change for anything.

Home is Louis and the crinkles by his eyes.  Home is Harry and the dimples on his cheeks.  Home is Niall and his contagious laugh.  Home is Liam and the kindness in his eyes.

We asked what Home meant to our readers – to One Direction fans and got answers that made our hearts warm and our eyes tear up because we felt it too.

Here’s what some of you said Home means to you.

@heather_1705: You’ll never feel like you’re alone, I’ll make this feel like home.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 days after The XFactor Final in 2010.  I was scared, stressed, and in the worst pain I’d ever felt in my entire life.  The majority of my so-called friends abandoned me when I needed them the most and it was a pretty rubbish time if I’m honest.  Twitter became the place I went when I needed a distraction. Music in general has always been a massive part of my life but even more so since that day.  I’ve made a lot of friends on Twitter and now have a huge support network from One Direction and other fandoms.

The people I’ve met on Twitter have come to be the most supportive, inspiring, kind hearted friends anyone could wish to meet. We might not agree all the time but we have each other’s backs no matter what. We’re a family. We all come from different backgrounds, different religions, different ethnicities, different countries but we all unite in love for our 4 boys who have given us so many wonderful memories over the last 5 years. There aren’t words good enough for how much this band has given us and I know I speak for everyone when I say we will be forever grateful. 

@Dont_Stop_Larry: Project home means so many things to me.

It’s about recognizing a song that was severely underappreciated, a song that so many people can relate to.

It’s about recognizing the writing talents of our boys, showing that they are so much more than just boys in a boyband.

It’s about finding a place, whether it be a city or a town or a person or a group of people, that you can be yourself around, where you feel safe.

Home means something different to everyone. For me, home is Pennsylvania, where I was born. It’s App State, where I go to school. It’s my friends, who accept me for who I am and encourage me every day. It’s this fandom, which, even on its worst days, is still like family to me. The people I’ve met because of 1D are some of my best friends, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is right here, with Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and everyone here supporting them.

@hesoasis : According to google, home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. This is a place where an individual lives. As a directioner, a girl who is deeply in love with One Direction rather, HOME is more than that. We all know that HOME is also a song by One Direction and whoever listened to it instantly fell in love with it. I, myself really find this song meaningful. Home isn’t simply a song nor literally a house, it serves as our rock, our hope, and our heart. This expresses our deepest desires. This song gives each and every directioner the lesson to never lose hope, to be aware that there are more people who truly care than we think. The song ‘HOME’ makes me feel loved, special, important, alive, and happy. Whenever I listen to home, I realize that there will always come a time that we could build a house yet it will never feel like home or we could feel a huge difference between a HOUSE and a HOME . For me, my family (Directioners all around the world) and One Direction is my HOME Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Directioners are my home  Even though we went through a lot, it may be shattered before but we are all trying to pick up the pieces and build our house because we never lost our home. I am never going to leave my home and I am forever certain that my home will never close its doors, wherever I go, it will always welcome me wholeheartedly with open arms. 

@erintolandx: home means to me that we know we always have a home in this fandom and with they boys when we’re in the crowd

@samosa_zayn: Home is my safe place. It’s where I go to when something bad, something good happens. It’s my constant. #ProjectHome

@anu_malik16: Home is when you’re surrounded by others who feel the same way and understand you. Home is where you truly finally feel happy and you’re at a concert as an escape from your daily stress and worries. 

@frew_samantha: Home is where so many people are comforted and connected by their mutual love for One Direction. 

@Britishbums21: Home makes me feel whole, like I’m valid and that I belong. It’s overwhelming and makes me feel safe and secure. 

#ProjectHome is just at the beginning, there’s so much more planned for the week – if you want to get involved for the first time, or continue your involvement please check out Project Home and their social media sites to see how you can help get Home the credit it deserves.

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Written by Ashley

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