For all you lovers of YouTube out there, something epic is about to go down. Nothing bad, don’t worry. Rather, a new production from Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg; “PROJECTJASPAR” as it has been named by the roommates. Now, it isn’t clear what exactly this project entails. My guess is as good as any, the videos they make based around the project will be hilarious no matter what’s involved. There’s honestly no other way to describe those two. Ah, bless ‘em.

Despite sending us all insane waiting for the big news, who can resist Caspar and Joe? Nobody, clearly. Over the last two weeks we have all been able to celebrate both guys reaching the huge milestone of five million subscribers on their YouTube channels dicasp and ThatcherJoe. Proud is an understatement. This is not all that the lads and the rest of us will be able to cheer about, though. With what’s to come, their fame is set to skyrocket even further. Let’s back it up for a second and talk about the individual projects they’ve been working on that are almost set for release!

To some of you reading this, a new ‘Youtuber book’ may send you into an eye rolling frenzy. I suggest you stop reading here, if that’s the case. However, if you squeal every time a new ThatcherJoe/Games/Vlogs notification appears on your phone like I do, then you’d be more than aware of Joe’s graphic novel “USERNAME: EVIE” set to hit stores on September 10th, two days after his twenty-fourth birthday. Nothing gets more special than that. Based on Joe’s video describing the novel, it’s certain to say I’ll be lining up for hours to get my hands on it first (says all five million of his subscribers). We know from the looks of it, Evie is going to be involved in some huge adventures of finding herself and dealing with hardship, something we all relate to as teenagers. This project is something Joe has been working hard on for over a year, and for it to be finally coming to a store near you is absolutely wicked. Here’s to more videos about the novel and PROJECTJASPAR. YouTube and chill, anyone?

Of course, there’s no way we can forget about Youtuber slash actor extraordinaire Caspar Lee. The coolest South-African out there has recently been involved in filming for a leading role he landed in fellow Youtuber KSI’s film ‘Laid in America’. There’s no set date for the release of the movie, however it can be confirmed that Caspar is going to be the next Brad Pitt; gracing the big screen in his green-framed shades and “tasteful” clothing. The film is said to be about both Lee and KSI being kidnapped whilst trying to fulfil their quest of getting ‘laid’ on their first time in the States. I don’t believe any further explanation is needed, this is one that needs to be seen to be believed.

So, along with all of that, a new dare/Q&A video is set to be uploaded by Joe (at any time now, we’re still waiting) with questions selected from the #PROJECTJASPAR tweets appearing in his mentions. Here are some of the many feelings about the project from you guys:

Even Caspar and Joe are struggling with the suspense.

Projects here, projects there, projects everywhere. I think it’s time to start thinking of a new emotion because quite frankly, excitement just doesn’t cut it anymore. What do you think #PROJECTJASPAR is going to be all about? Let’s all hope it features loom bands anyway. Sorry Joe.

Written by CelebMix