Prophecy Onasis is Imprinting his name amongst the most revolutionary tech entrepreneurs

“I have always believed in my dreams and have been working hard to create a great legacy behind,” says the ace entrepreneur.

No matter how much ever we speak about how different individuals and successful professionals have come at the forefront of varied industries, it always feels that much more discussions are needed to understand their life journeys and the struggles of these people. Naturally, all other professionals who wish to create their own legacy in their respective fields also need to hear more about people who have gone beyond boundaries and have tried to impact people’s lives with what they have built or created. Prophecy Onasis’ life story is one which can be taken as a case study for many aspiring entrepreneurs in the world as this man exuded every bit of being a successful tech entrepreneur right since he began his career as he confesses that building something that can give value to people is something that has always motivated and encourages him to do better each day. This very feeling of creating something valuable has been by the side of Prophecy Onasis, which is what has transformed him today into a sought-after tech entrepreneur of the vast tech and media field.

Prophecy Onasis is one of the leaders who is riding high on success with his innate skills and talents to bowl over people and companies with his passion and constant thirst to provide anything that stands unique from the rest. He is the proud CTO of one of the growing most media and entertainment company named Vuuzle Media Corporation. Here, he builds many online business models like the native applications and content delivery network for entertainment. Over the years, he has gained great knowledge in monetizing short and long-form video with programmatic advertising. He is also behind the OTT development team of the company Verizon and is the mind who created Vuuzle TV CDN platform, VUMU Music platform and Clout9 a 3-dimensional content delivery platform.

Today, where Prophecy Onasis stands as a classic example of a self-made tech entrepreneur, one can’t even imagine that he previously aced the game of music being a music producer and artist. Even as a child, the tech entrepreneur confesses that anything that radiated uniqueness and innovativeness was where he wished to be. Having an inventive mindset, he worked towards building things for people to provide them value, which made him happy and motivated him to be his best version.

Prophecy Onasis has taken Vuuzle Media Corporation to much greater heights of success with the magnificent tech projects he has built with the company. He built VUMU, which is a growing music streaming platform, Clout9, a 3D content delivery platform and Vuuzle TV, an OTT streaming platform. All these projects show how driven Prophecy Onasis is towards his work and how enthusiastically he wants the brands to grow on a much bigger scale even globally.

Giving a bit of advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs, Prophecy Onasis says that humility is something people must never forget after becoming an accomplished personality. People must always know their ground and remember their struggles. He also points out that, “When you climb you will fall and the very person you were not in your best grace with may see you tumbling down and you may need their help whether you like it or not.”

Written by CelebMix