Pros & iCons Release Music Video for "Catch Me"

Pros & iCons Release Music Video for “Catch Me”

Pros & iCons is a pop/rock band from New York that consists of Joseph Mastando, Lenny Morales, Nicholas Vaude, and Tyler O’Leary. The first time they performed together as a band on stage was back in May 2014. Since then, they’ve performed alongside artists like Meghan Trainor, Rita Ora, Keisza, Before You Exit, Rixton, Shawn Mendes, Charlie XCX, Aaron Carter, and more!

Listening to Pros & Cons music, you explore the pains of heartbreak, their thirst for success, and the nostalgia of youth. Their latest song, “Catch Me” is basically an ode to the dreamers of the world and kind of a love letter to themselves.

The video for “Catch Me” expresses where we were, where we are, and where we are going as people. “As we evolve visually and figuratively throughout the video, we’re nearly saying, “We’re going to make it. You can catch us if you can.” NEVER give up on your dreams, everyone. Everyone else can eat your dust,” explains the band.

With lyrics like, “Tonight, we call out to the broken / Tonight, we take back what was stolen,” and “Even when I stand alone, and I’m forced to take a chance, I will make it on my own,” Pros & iCons empowers their listeners to fight for what they believe in.

You can purchase “Catch Me” off of their album, iConic, on iTunes right HERE.

Watch their music video for “Catch Me” below:

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