Have a special someone on your mind? PRTTY BOYS are here with a new track that just might describe how you feel. CelebMix is excited to be exclusively premiering their new song, “Bae”!

PRTTY BOYS are definitely a duo to keep on your radar this year. Rapper, drummer and producer Alexander “Spadez”  Martinez has produced music for countless artists, while vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Johnie B has toured in a pop/punk band. When these two worlds meet, only the best can happen. In fact, they’re also set to release an album, The Juice Factory this year!

“Bae” features smooth, chill vibes, easing into an upbeat tempo at the chorus. Both the vocals and the beats flow perfectly in sync with each other, wrapping the track up into a velvety, coordinated package.

“Bae” is a song about that one girl that’s always been there no matter what. That one that has you catching feelings when she’s around. That ride or die chick – this is for you.

You can listen to “Bae” here:

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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