Push Baby drop new single Mama’s House – Rixton is back… kinda.

Four years ago, British pop band Rixton were at the height of their fame, managed by Scooter Braun (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Kanye West) they were performing to crowds at Madison Square Gardens, had a number one single ‘Me and my Broken Heart’ and were taking over the globe with their infectious pop-urban-rock. With their debut album ‘Let The Road’ listing none other then Ed Sheeran as a writer, the future was theirs for the taking.

Flash forward to today April 5th, and the members of Rixton (Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Danny Wilkin and Lewi Morgan) are back with not only a brand new single but a brand new band too.

Push Baby is here to stay, a new sound, a new chapter in the band’s history, and a whole host of new adventures to be had. Push Baby have worked for months on this new musical journey and pushing their own creative boundaries to the max. Still managed by Scooter.

Don’t be fooled, Rixton were brilliant, but Push Baby are a whole new band. A new sound, a new vibe, a new mission. On this change Jake has said “We just thought ‘if we do this we have to go all the way.’ Plus, this is a debut, and a debut in my opinion has to be strong, bold and come out of the gate kicking and screaming and I think we did that”.

With their debut single as Push Baby out now, we take a look at the video and song and review it just for you.

First things first, the band still have that togetherness that has always been, from Charley’s funky guitar riffs, Lewi’s drumming that hits the spot, Danny’s soulful piano and bass skills, and Jake’s ability to be not just a frontman, but a showman too.

The song ‘Mama’s House’ is edgy, think 21 Pilots mixed with 5SOS. Unapologetic but relatable. The lyrics identify with so many of us, living with your mother waiting for your big break so you can pay her mortgage and have your own place. There’s tongue in cheek lyrics, which are what Rixton were known best for, but as Push Baby these words are even more cheeky.

You’d love the sound of Push Baby if you’re a fan of Post Malone, 21 Pilots, Ed Sheeran, Busted or 5SOS. And if you were a former Rixton fan, this is them grown up, roughed up but in essence still the naughty band you loved.

As for the video, it is bonkers. There’s Jake running around in his pants and antlers, Charley, Lewi and Danny covered in neon paint, and a Scooter Braun fur rug. At first you wonder what is going on, but then you see it, the rebirth. Creatively, this couldn’t be further from the ‘boyband’ image Rixton once had. It is pure genius, and a statement as a debut video.

Final thoughts.

Push Baby push boundaries. Everything you could need and want from a band is here, the soul, the passion and the fun. Mama’s House is just the start of an adventure that will fuel your fire. We love this track and cannot wait to see where this ride takes Push Baby next. We may not be sure if Jake’s own Mama Loose Women star and Pop Icon Coleen Nolan would have chosen the decor in the video, but we know that she and everyone else will love the track!

You can stream Mama’s House now on Spotify, as well as downloading it from iTunes and Google Music.

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Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.