Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

The following post contains spoilers from Quantico’s midseason premiere. Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 Recap 1This past Sunday evening, one of our favorite television series made an outstanding comeback – one that certainly left us with countless questions that require answers – and soon.

The beginning of the episode starts out just three months after the unexpected bombing at the Federal Bureau Investigation headquarters – a complex cliff hanger to the midseason finale. Alex finds herself preaching a testimony relating to the brains behind the bombing at a congressional hearing; claiming that Elias was not the only terrorist behind this horrid attack. The only problem with her testimony is as follows – the FBI wanted her to explain that Elias was the one and ONLY terrorist behind both Grand Central and FBI command center bombings. Something Alex simply did not believe.

Of course her former trainee classmates/friends begged for her to just “let it go”, but it’s evidential that Alex has never been one to play by the rules. So throughout the episode, she’s shown struggling to figure out the identification of this elusive criminal. She probably would have been successful a lot quicker if her friend Duncan, the hacker who helped her discover the second bomb, hadn’t committed suicide off the Brooklyn Bridge. His role in this entire situation still remains unsettling as we don’t know a whole lot on his and Alex’s background – but before he jumped, his last words consisted of “tell her I thought I didn’t have a choice.” Hmm…Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 Recap 1Meanwhile, as flashbacks of training at Quantico arise, Miranda and Liam are found combining the NATs class with the class above them; an idea that sparked numerous rivalries and nasty controversies. (We can’t see this ending well as the season carries on).

As the episode progresses back into present day, we’re shown Ryan making an appearance in Alex’s apartment where he attempts to get through to her. With a passionate plea on why she should let all the weight of this go, we could only hope that it would work.

Lucky for some, it did. Probably not in the way Ryan had hoped, but it certainly was enough of an impact to change her testimony. She sat in front of the congressional hearing and explained that she could not find any evidence leading up to her claimed conspiracy – and that it was time for the city, as well as the country, to move on. She got reinstated at the Bureau shortly after.

Some of you were probably thinking that changing her testimony would have made Ryan happy, but while the tail end of the episode began to creep, he was the exact opposite. Why? Because him, as well as the rest of Alex’s friends, know it’s not what she truly believes – calling her out for preaching a lie to the public.

During the final minutes of the premiere, Alex gets contacted by an anonymous person who had claimed to know her while training at Quantico. They said that no matter the cost, she better prepare for what’s to come because whether she likes it or not, they are going to portray her as a terrorist. And assuming Alex would not comply, this unidentified person made sure that she did.

How did they stand by this task? Well, it’s quite simple. They went after someone Alex’s cares about and strapped a bomb onto Natalie. (Can anyone ever catch a break?)

All in all, Quantico remains as intense as ever and we’re eagerly looking forward to what the rest of the season has in store!

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Written by Victoria Christiano

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