Queen Elizabeth practises her Twitter skills

The elderly and social media: more often than not, it’s a dangerous combination. And we have to admit it, it must be hard to keep up with the ever-changing platforms of social media that we have nowadays. But not when you’re Queen Elizabeth.

That’s right, Her Majesty The Queen casually sent out a tweet earlier today, thanking her 2.3 million followers for the “digital messages of goodwill” she received. And by casual, we actually mean not so casual, because this historical moment was accompanied by a professional photo shoot in which we can see Queen Elizabeth adorably using her right index finger to type out said tweet on what we can only assume is a royal iPad. All in a day’s work for Her Majesty.


We’re very pleased to see that Her Majesty The Queen has no trouble keeping up with social media and are excited for her next step in the digital landscape. Snapchat, maybe?


Written by CelebMix