Why it’s okay to question baby-gate

There have been a lot of questions as to why some fans still can’t accept the baby rumors surrounding Louis Tomlinson as fact, personally we’ve been asked more times than we can count what evidence negates it.  We decided to make a compilation of things that make us raise our eye brows.

2015 was a year of change for One Direction both as a band and for the boys individually.  Louis Tomlinson’s big personal change?  The end of his ‘relationship’.

Louis was immediately linked to several ‘new ladies’ after his split with “long time girlfriend” Eleanor Calder earlier in 2015.  It was said that she flew to meet him on tour to try one last time to save their relationship before it was mutually ended.  One Direction fans were happy at the news of their split for no reason other than Louis hadn’t looked happy with Eleanor in some time (some dare say at all) and vice versa, but there are never any clean breaks in the One Direction fandom.  Only days after their split Louis was seen ‘kissing’ a model in a hotel pool.

From there, Lothario Louis was born, and he was linked sexually to each new girl he was seen even standing next to in a photograph.  This was surprising to fans as he’d never had the open window to assume this persona but it was one the media had a field day with.  These girls were never given a name or much depth to their story other than being random club girls, but they existed, and it was highly publicized for a reason.

Louis and Briana were first seen out together in May of 2015. There were three separate times that Anna (hired PR) tweeted Louis’ club location for the night and Louis and Briana were seen leaving together. These happened on May 5th, May 9th, and May 11th.

It was immediately speculated that they were dating and photos of her littered every article posted about Louis. The funny part? The photos weren’t all of Briana! Those blondes we were introduced to during his time in the UK, they were brought back in photographs scattered across these articles.  Yep, the media took photos of random blondes who didn’t even LIVE in America and tried to paint them as Briana.

Their tour picked back up in June in Europe and July in the USA, the window of opportunity for rumor growth about their relationship was low, and most fans forgot about her at all until July 15th.

Headlines broke about Louis Tomlinson being the father of Briana Jungwirth’s baby and the fandom was set off in different directions.  Fans either bought it and immediately gave up on Louis, defended him fiercely and said they’d support him either way, or didn’t believe it for a second and posted hundreds of Larry gifs.  Regardless of what you believed; there’s no doubt that when it hit, it hit hard, and people were watching to gauge the reactions.

This is where things get more questionable.

First: If you’re a celeb with a planned pregnancy, you usually don’t release that information until well after 3 months, even then there are many celebrities who have hidden their pregnancies until they absolutely couldn’t anymore due to showing at work.  Some celebrities have even been able to hide their entire pregnancy, it’s healthier for mom and baby that way, without the media, paps, and news outlets trying to track your every move.  So why again, were we informed as soon as she took a pregnancy test, that she was pregnant and it was so certainly Louis’?  Why was it immediately blown up as a news story that a girl he spent a few nights with at a club was now carrying his child, and why was it mentioned that they were definitely NOT in a relationship?

If you look back at the first articles covering the story that’s what you’re given, basically a random club hook up led to a girl Louis is most certainly not dating getting pregnant.  This doesn’t make sense!  Unplanned pregnancies happen, but they are not publicized so heavily by the media, they aren’t blown up, and if they are…they go the happy relationship/family route.  This wasn’t done here, there is no speculation that the two are anything more than good friends…

Then the articles got lost in how many weeks Briana was.  In a matter of days she went from 5 to 6 to 8 even 12 weeks pregnant.  Unless this is a bad version of a Twilight movie and Louis has secretly been a vampire all this time; that’s just not possible, and we’ve all seen Louis coming back from secret vacations way too tan to be all washed out glittery in the sun.

So in an effort to break the story first, get the scoop out there, and be the one to reach out to One Direction fans quickly (because let’s face it, our fandom is huge) the media got lost in themselves and gave us all inaccurate information.  To any other fan base this may have been brushed under the rug, with us, it was saved in our memory bank as people trying to reach to sell us a story.

If by July 15th she was truly 8-12 weeks pregnant that means conception had to have happened a bit earlier than what we were set up for, is this possible if they actually had time together that we didn’t know about?  Yes, but it also means that Louis can travel at the speed of light and be almost in two places at once, again, this isn’t a bad version of Twilight so we can rule that out too.

Then come the articles and the speculation of how life has been for the newly coined ‘mom to be’.  Every article points out how stressed out she is, how private her life was before this and how unhealthy this is for her and her baby.  They said she was getting special chamomile tea made for her every day (that’s a bit specific for such a private girl) and people spoke out on her behalf defending how shy she was, all while sharing personal photos of her from various stages in her life and calling her a sexy dancer in the same breath.  There was even a friend that stated Briana has never had a lot of money, so this would really help her future…

Also it should be noted that her family kept saying how private Briana was, all while baiting fans to conversation on twitter, releasing photos of intimate looking Briana and Louis together, and speaking out on social media before making their pages private again.  There were videos of Briana’s cousin singing released and when a fan made a snarky comment about Louis being able to help her get famous, various members of the family ‘liked’ the idea.  This is not what a supportive family of a ‘private’ person does.

We digress.

It’s said soon after that Louis and co put her up in a swanky hotel to get through the worst of her first days after she found out she was pregnant.  This was made public knowledge too, and even though it was again said that they were not together, Louis was ready and willing to be an active father and supporter of Briana and their baby.

This is all given to us without a single confirmation tweet, interview, or statement by Louis himself.

Not. A. Single. Thing.

We wrote the baby gate article earlier in July so we won’t get too deep into this, you can find it here, but Louis is a good man, with a heart of gold and with the way he was raised.  We deeply believe he would be handling this, along with his friends and family, a lot differently.

Louis didn’t receive a single congratulations tweet from anyone, not a band mate, not a friend, not a family member, not a member of management, not anyone from Syco/Modest, and not even a PR rep.  NO ONE congratulated Louis.

Until GMA and Michael Strahan

“Well I’ve gotta say Louis from one father to another, I wanna congratulate you on your upcoming fatherhood.”

Upon Louis’ face we see, not a smile, not an excited glow, but a pursed lip, slow nodded “great”.

“So how are you feeling?”

Michael follows up with, allowing time for Louis to catch his breath, paint on a grin, and reply with

“Thank you yeah.. uh obviously its a very exciting time so uh I’m buzzin thank you.”

And that, my friends, was the big ‘confirmation’!

Anyone else expect a little more?

So from then, the fandom again, is thrown.  Some people actually believing that as “confirmation” while others, largely, laughed at the idea that people thought that was an indication of a happy father to be. Even after that “confirmation” there were no public congratulations, no one saying “Wow, great, this is awesome Louis.”

The closest we got was Liam being asked about it in an interview where he says nothing more than “yeah he’s taking what’s happening to him very seriously” followed up quickly by “I’m having too much fun right now in the band to even think about having my own kids.”


Soon after the “confirmation” also came new pap photos of Briana, she was seen outside of a passport office, showing off her “baby bump” and headlines questioned if she’d been traveling to the UK with Louis to work on co parenting and getting to know his friends and family.

However, it was brought to fandom attention that Briana recently traveled out of the country, where she would have needed a passport, so why was she at the office, and what paps sit outside of passport offices?

The photos were all over every media outlet again, but it was soon discovered that the only photo that showed a hint of a belly may have been doctored, also, the bump looks more like what I have when I eat a large slice of pizza and drink a beer, seriously.

But everyone’s body develops differently during pregnancy so I can not say for sure that she SHOULD look any bigger than she is, but I will say, I am not buying it.

Now though, is when things really get interesting.

There were rumors spread about Briana having a miscarriage, they were dropped on one day and the fans talked about it, and they were gone, this was THE DAY before the baby bump photos surfaced.

Why would we be tossed two narratives, at different ends of the spectrum, within 48 hours?  Maybe because people were trying to gauge fan reaction.

The majority of fans didn’t buy either story, because the majority of fans still don’t believe there is a baby, and if there is, they don’t quite believe it’s Louis’.

Only then was the first hint of real doubt fed into the media that the baby could be Louis’.

So within 5 days of the first miscarriage rumor being leaked, we get bump photos, and the phrase that changed everything.

Presumably, Tomlinson and company are awaiting the results of a paternity test

This phrase wasn’t a part of every article before, but as of yesterday afternoon, it was a key line in over 46 articles.  This is the first time doubt has been brought into the public eye about Louis being the father, and what a time to do so.

Again, this could be seen as reaction gauging.

Even more conveniently Louis was seen flying into LA hours before this doubt was spread.  Perhaps his time here could be to ‘await those paternity results’.

And if none of that was enough to make you question this, just a little, we have doctored photos.  Doctored photos of the bump, that were conveniently taken down from many articles yesterday and replaced with a fake one.

This is why people are doubting the rumors, this is why the questions remain, and this is why it’s okay to still wonder what is going to come from this.  We’re a fan base, we’re not going to agree on everything and you’re not less of a fan if you think this situation is true, but you’re also less of a fan if you don’t eat everything we’re being spoon fed about this situation, because it just doesn’t make sense.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.