The Raven’s Home Theme Song Has Arrived!

We’re less than two weeks away from the premiere of ‘Raven’s Home’, Disney’s highly anticipated series of the year. With ‘That’s So Raven’ being such a success when it premiered in 2003, everybody is over the moon to see a spin-off of one of their childhood TV shows making its way to their screens. In the build up to the premiere on July 21st, Disney Channel have released the new theme song, which will be played during the opening credits of ‘Raven’s Home’. Just a warning, it is unbelievably catchy! We were singing along to it in our heads from the very first play.

The credits will include the entire cast, alongside Raven-Symone, Navia Robinson, Isaac Ryan Brown, Jason Maybaum, Sky Katz and Anneliese van der Pol performing the song, which was written and produced by Andy Love, Joacim Persson and Johan Alkenas.

Raven’s Home will pick up years later, where Raven is now a single mom to two kids, Booker and Nia. Chelsea is newly divorced with her son Levi and needs a place to stay. Raven, being her best friend, ends up taking them both in. In That’s So Raven, Raven had to learn and cope with her newly found ability of being able to have visions. This time around, her son Booker will learn that he also has inherited the same ability as his mom.

The premiere episode will revolve aroud Booker asking Levi and Tess to help in convincing his sister Nia of his newfound abilities to see the future. Meanwhile, Raven’s latest vision involves a family disagreement that leads her to meddle in her kids’ life at school.

Not much has been given away regarding the show, however, we have been given an extremely juicy detail of who Raven’s baby daddy is. You most likely shipped them in ‘That’s So Raven’, so you will be extremely pleased to hear that Devon Carter is the father of Booker and Nia.

Watch the trailer here:

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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