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Reach a wider audience with your music on Spotify Playlists

The goal of every musical artist is to reach a wider audience with their craft. Platforms like Spotify amplify the reach of artists and give them a platform to exhibit their art. Spotify is one of the world’s leading music streaming platforms and has given a platform to millions of artists all over the world. Exploiting this great platform is something a lot of upcoming artists look forward to. Below are some playlists and how Artists can get their songs on them.

Spotify Playlists.

Spotify for artists is a feature on Spotify that lets artists own accounts and promote their craft. It lets artists reach their target audience. It also allows artists to enter their music on playlists. Spotify does not let artists upload their songs individually. Artistes have to go through intermediaries (Digital distributors) like RouteNote to be able to get their music on Spotify. These digital distributors ease the process of putting music on streaming platforms.

Whenever an artist puts out a song, the artist needs to contact Spotify editors to tell them about the song for the song to stand a chance of entering into the popular playlists of Spotify.

RouteNote is a digital distribution company that puts music on Spotify for artists free of charge. They also make available to artists, necessary tools required to enter their music on playlists.

Independent Spotify Playlist Curators

Aside from official Spotify curated playlists, there are also lots of independently curated playlists and are important platforms that can give your craft a massive boost. For an artist to get their music on these playlists, they will have to contact the curators and tell them about their craft. The curators take a look at the artiste profile and their songs to determine if they meet the requirements to be on the playlist. A very good artist profile on Spotify gives artists an edge when pitching to independent curators.

Spotify Personalised algorithmic Playlists

These are important features on Spotify that can expose an artist to a new audience and increase their following. They are referred to as “algotorial playlists” by Spotify as they are a hybrid of algorithmic and editorial playlists. These playlists consist of several tracks for different listeners across the globe. More recently, Spotify has been personalizing more playlists to fit the tastes and preferences of diverse listeners. This is an advantage for artists and improves their reach.

Release Radar and Discover Weekly are personalized playlists tailored by Spotify to fit the preference of listeners. These playlists are unique to every user. 

One of the many merits of going through an intermediary like RouteNote is that new tracks uploaded by artists are entered into the Release Radar playlist of the artists’ listeners.

An artist is likely to appear on the Discover Weekly of a listener if the listener has been streaming a similar kind of music.

Another important way to reach a bigger audience via playlists is to create a personal playlist of your song with songs of artists with a similar style of music. This will appeal to listeners of those artists thereby improving reach.

If reaching your target audience is a priority, Spotify is one of the best platforms to achieve that and RouteNote is the best route to successful utilization of this platform.

Written by Monella