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Ready to Party To Remixes of Walmart’s Yodeling Boy?

Mason Ramsey, born and raised in Illinois, is currently achieving something no one would have expected. The 10-year old boy has risen to a considerable amount of fame over the last couple of weeks when a video of him appeared online, performing Hank William Jr’s “Lovesick Blues” in a local Walmart.

His sweet and innocent rendition quickly took the hearts of millions of people worldwide by storm while also transforming the youngster into a meme. Since then, many people simply call Ramsey, profoundly, the Yodeling Boy at Walmart.

Surprisingly, not only did the “Yodeling Walmart Boy” turn into a successful meme on social media but it also got transformed into club-friendly mixes. Over the course of time, many DJs and producers took to their own social media profiles in order to share their versions of Ramsey’s performance.

Obviously, by now there are more remixes than there is time to listen to all of them. So we spent some time searching through them for you so you don’t have to do that job. Just continue reading and get to know our three favorites (right after the video of the original version).

View the original here:


Lowercase EDM Flip:
This remix is probably the best known out of all the ones released so far.

A Twitter user named @lowercase has shared the production and the end result of his EDM Flip on his personal Twitter page. He ended up, unknowingly, initiating a second wave of memes that are currently being shared and loved on the world wide web, showing reactions to the hard-hitting track.

This EDM flip does not only contain a big drop but features some bouncy beats that make the remix destined for a spin or two at your favorite club or during your pre-gaming shenanigans.

Check out the production process below:


We inserted the link down below so you can to listen to it in its full glory. You can also download the track for free once you hit the “Buy” Button on the upper right-hand corner.

Slushii Remix:

American DJ Slushii also quickly took to Twitter to share his version of Ramsey’s interpretation. While it did not go viral, the remix is a highlight nonetheless. Slushii turned the country track into a festival-ready big room banger, filled with high-pitched, chopped-up vocals.

To be quite honest: we secretly wish that a full version ends up online and ready for usage at this year’s summer festivities.

Listen to a preview down below:


Bombs Away Remix:

Shortly after debuting their latest happy-go-lucky track “Never Wanna Let You Down” on all platforms, Australian DJ duo Bombs Away also decided to put their own spin on the Yodeling Boy’s rendition of “Lovesick Blues”. They posted a video on Facebook, sharing the detailed production process and parts of the end result. The remix turned out to be radio-friendly bop, featuring some slightly pitched vocals and a wonderfully retro-sounding beat that kind of remind us of Yolanda BeCool’s smash hit “We No Speak Americano”.

Check out the track down below. The track is also available as a free download if you share a screenshot of your purchase of Bombs Away’s latest song “Never Wanna Let You Down” with the duo.


So tell us: Which remix do you like the most? Tell us all about it by either reacting down below or by tweeting us @CelebMix on Twitter.