Real Friends Announce a Tour With $5 Shows

Real Friends Announce Tour With $5 Shows

Pop-punk band Real Friends recently announced that they’re going on a headlining tour! But it’s not like any tour, for these shows the band will be playing at venues such as VFW halls, bowling alleys and skate parks. Best part? All the tickets cost just $5. Hence the name for the tour, “The $5 Tour.”

The shows, featuring Post-Hardcore band Movements, is supposed to be Real Friends’ way of giving back to their dedicated fans and local music scenes. Read below to see what the band wrote on their Facebook page.

“We are stoked to announce “The $5 Tour.” We will be playing small places that aren’t traditional settings for shows. Some of the venues are skateparks, retail stores, restaurants, record stores, and even batting cages. All ticket prices will be $5. We owe everything to you. It’s time to give back with not only a unique show experience, but an affordable ticket price as well. This will be fun for everyone involved. Being in a band is about having fun and there should be no rules. This will really highlight that. Tickets are VERY limited. Most of the shows have less than 150 total tickets available.”

Sadly for us, the tour did so well that it has already sold out!  Below is what the band wrote about it on their Twitter page.

“All the $5 shows on the tour we announced today are sold out. Thanks for being the best fans. Love you all.”

Real Friends Announce a Tour With $5 Shows

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Check out one of our favorite Real Friends videos below:


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