Reality stars in Twitter feud over body-shaming

Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson has called Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson out for ‘body-shaming’ – something that Marnie had lashed out at Jasmine Lennard for just a few days before.

The spat started with Marnie making comments about Watson’s weight in a recent interview leaving Watson gobsmacked and unable to hold her tongue, has fought back in defence.

Reality stars in twitter feud over 'body shaming.' 1

“I tweeted when I was p****d that I was jealous of the MIC girls’ thin bodies, but actually I don’t think I’d like to be that skinny. Lucy Watson looks like a skeleton.” Marnie said in a recent interview.

Lucy originally stayed silent in hope that it would all blow over but decided to speak out when Marnie posted an image displaying that she had been called ‘fat.’ Marnie posted a naked mirror selfie with the caption “Cannot believe I got told I was fat by another woman yesterday. I am happy with my size & I’m sorry I’m not a size 0.”

Upon seeing tweet, 25-year-old Lucy, who recently also flaunted herself in a teeny-tiny bikini, responded furiously saying “Yeah you look great! Shame you then had to go and insult me to make yourself feel better.’  This response, despite making Marnie ever-so-slightly backtrack, it also allowed Simpson to threaten Lucy to an all out Twitter spat.

However it didn’t end there…

Watson then continued on to claim that Marnie herself was guilty of body-shaming. Saying ‘Girls think it’s out of order for someone to call them fat then go around publicly calling another girl a skeleton #StopBodyShaming’.

Marnie responded, “So …. Me having a column could be slightly dangerous I really don’t think before I speak and I NEVER think I’m in the wrong. Bad combo.”

Before finally adding, “God girl you really need to chill out. No need to start preeching s**t over a comment. I smell over exaggeration.”

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Written by Zara Gibson