Reasons to Use GIF Converter to Get Images for Marketing

What is the objective of GIF? It is an image file format that is utilized for images online and sprites in software. GIFs use lossless compression that does not decrease the image quality, unlike other formats. These images are great to use animated videos and images in the smaller size of the file. Gifs are the soundless videos or the series of the images that loop and do not need any press play. The majority of the users want to upload their animated videos and other images on social media because of the small size of the files. For this purpose, they use the GIF Converter to convert the other videos of different formats into the GIF format. It is good to convert video to GIF for certain reasons.

If images are worth many words then animated GIF images are worth a million. This factor is the evidence of the popularity of the GIF images. These are popular on social media, image pages, and websites. What exactly has made these images famous at every platform? The majority of the people creates their own GIFs or converts other videos into GIF format to upload online such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you can all do this by using our tool video to gif converter by smallseotools.

Why convert other video formats into GIF?

People used to resort to viewing still pictures when animated GIF images were not there. The only way to see the movement or animation in the images is through videos. A video takes a long time to upload because the videos are large in size. Due to this factor, these are not easy to share and upload because it takes a long time to load on the website or devices. On the other hand, people need to watch the whole video or skip the part of the video they are looking for. Due to limited data or slow speed of internet, it is hard to watch huge size videos. This is the reason GIF images become popular.

To avoid these problems before the advent of the GIF images, people cut and edit the long videos to avoid such unusual, embarrassing and crazy things. They turned those videos into 10 to 15 seconds clips of a mini-movie. Those clips were not as exciting as these GIF images. GIF images take little space when these are shared, stored and saved in the devices. They are popular on social media, turning several anonymous people into online celebrities. These are used to spread clips of famous people, celebrities and others taken from the games, TV shows, movies, and others.

GIFs are less boring

You can use these GIF images to add cliché attached to an advertisement. You will find these GIF images are not self-centered and boring. It is the right source to engage the viewers with the engaging content. To increase your viewers online and to make your marketing campaign successful, it is good to use GIFs. It adds liveliness to the other dull content.

Great Reaction and Reception

The exciting feature of the GIF is that these are small and are used to express the message in an appropriate way. It has become popular due to its lightness. Viewers find no attraction in the long videos or large branded logos. These GIF images are used to break this dilemma by creating the interest of the viewers.

It is a common fact that people want to see the content that is easy to understand the simple to perceive. It should contain a tough concept. The Gifs are designed on the same concepts. On the other hand, these are very easy to upload, share and store. You can design these images very easily without spending much time on it.

How to make GIF or change formats of videos?

The prime reason for the popularity of these images is that these are very simple and easy to form. A few years ago, software or efficient programs are used to design these images. Some people use photo editing tools and make some changes in the existing videos. Photoshop has been used to edit and create images. Due to the advent of the modern technology, the GIF converter to convert video to GIF is used to create GIF images. In this way by using this site :, you can just change the file format of the video. If you have any images that you need to convert to another format. You can use the image converting tool. It is very simple to use the tool online because it provides you with a quick and instant result.

Written by CelebMix