Rebecca Black releases a comeback single

Rebecca Black has finally released a new song! It’s called The Great Divide, and we love it! It’s a lot different than some of her previous works, and it’ll catch you by surprise.The Great Divide is Rebecca’s first official original single since 2013, her last single being the follow up to Friday, which is appropriately titled, “Saturday”. The new song reveals a much more mature version of Rebecca Black, and shows us a whole new side to her that you’d have never known from her previous songs.

Going from her song “Friday”, which was released in 2011, Rebecca has come a long way since then, and listening to this song, you can definitely hear the improvement! Since Friday was released, Rebecca has released several songs. Including “My Moment”, “Person Of Interest” and the iconic “Saturday”. While each song was widely criticised, Rebecca has continued to impress her fans with each song showcasing her efforts.

Rebecca has also released a Crash Crove remix which is much more dance-worthy than the original, and it’s got us jamming for 84 years! They’re both just as amazing as each other, and you can enjoy each of them depending on your mood.

You can listen to the song on Spotify, and you can buy it on iTunes!

The remix (and the impending music video) also give a much more modern sound to her music, and it looks like we’re about to see an entirely new chapter in Rebecca Black’s music that we didn’t see coming! It looks like Rebecca Black is going to be causing a great divide in her crowd of haters now that this song is released.

You can watch a preview of the upcoming music video here:

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Written by CelebMix