Dan and Phil’s Spooky Week- A Complete Recap

For the past week, Dan and Phil have gotten us in the Halloween spirit with the return of their annual “Spooky Week”. Dan and Phil have played spooky games during the week leading up to Halloween for the past two years. It’s a week full of frights, banter, and laughs, usually resulting in a camera roll full of iconic screenshots.

The festivities kicked off with Dan and Phil unveiling their long-awaited spooky Twitter layouts. Phil opted for a more traditional fall theme, changing his display name to “Pumpkin Spice Lester” and using a fanmade icon of his hair as a pumpkin. Dan chose a slightly stranger path, using his alter-ego “doot” (reminiscent of Demi Lovato’s “poot”) that was supposedly let out of the basement for the duration of spooky week.

Then, spooky week kicked off in full force, and we were treated to a creepy gaming video for five days in a row. If you’re a fan of Dan and Phil, you’ll know that this isn’t a common occurrence! Without further ado, let’s recap each day of spooky week, complete with a Twitter summary from Dan and an official spook rating decided by the boys.

Day One: Five Nights At Freddy’s- Sister Location

Dan and Phil kicked off the week with a fan favourite, ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’. If you’ve watched their previous FNAF videos, you will know that they’re definitely not experts at the game! However, they enjoyed the mechanics of the game more than previous versions, since there’s more interesting tasks involved. As expected, there’s a few animated jumpscares, but nothing scary enough to make Dan fall off his chair again! Spoiler: Phil’s plush snake may have made an appearance…

Official Spook Rating: 3 (Dan) and 4 (Phil) spooks out of 5

Day Two: Sonic 2.exe

Dan and Phil once again brought back a favourite from previous spooky weeks- the mysterious and creepy “.exe” games. After a couple jumpscares, lots of static, and a widely ranging soundtrack, Dan and Phil came to the conclusion that they would’ve enjoyed the game a lot more if they were kids. Even though it doesn’t have quite the mystery and charm of the first game, it’s a spooky week classic and a good twenty minutes of laughs and only mild creepiness.

Official Spook Rating: 2 spooks out of 5

 Day Three: Outlast 2

The scariest game arrived mid-week, complete with tentacles, ominous wells, and satanic sacrifice rooms- it’s ‘Outlast 2’! Dan played the original version of the game alone in the dark two years ago, and was absolutely traumatized, so it couldn’t get much worse than that, right? Well, the two had quite an adventure within this 27-minute-long video. Between the creepy night vision, continuous change of setting, and gruesome ending, it was quite a harrowing experience!

Official Spook Rating: 4.5 (Dan) and 5 (Phil) spooks out of 5 

Day Four: Timore Inferno

On day four, the week took an odd turn with the strange and creepy indie horror game that cost exactly £4, ‘Timore Inferno’. The video featured rooms of teeth, monsters with chainsaws for arms, and Phil having to face his fear of mannequins. In the end, Dan and Phil agreed that while the quality of the game was questionable, it produced some horrific monsters and jumpscares. However, the scariest part of the video was probably the creepy masks Dan and Phil were wearing!

Official Spook Rating: 3.5 to a light 4 spooks out of 5

Day Five: Spongebob Slenderpants

What was supposed to be a comical conclusion to spooky week turned out to be rather harrowing for Dan and Phil. Dan is already scared to death of the game ‘Slender’, add a demonic Spongebob and a dead Squidward and they had a terrifying game on their hands! They eventually managed to escape the lurking Spongebob and complete the game, but not before having their childhood memories ruined forever.

Official Spook Rating: 5 spooks out of 5

And there we have it- the end of spooky week! Or is it? Late on Halloween night, Dan and Phil surprised everyone by releasing a Halloween baking video, another annual tradition of theirs! Dan had previously said they weren’t going to make one this year, and fans lost hope for a special Halloween video. Then, past midnight at the Dan and Phil household, the duo spontaneously decided to make monster pops, because why not?

Finale: Halloween Baking- Monster Pops

After previous years of brownies, cupcakes, and cookies, it seems like the next logical choice in the saga of Dan and Phil’s Halloween baking videos would be cake pops. As for the banter, it was everything you’d expect from a classic Dan and Phil baking video- domestic arguments, general cluelessness about kitchen tools, bad puns, and a few innuendos. There were also elements from past baking videos, like the trademark close-up cam, Phil’s floured jeans, and the below-average decorations on the desserts. In the end, the cake pops turned out delicious and sufficiently spooky!

So that wraps up Dan and Phil’s 2016 spooky week adventures! We enjoyed experiencing equal parts “top fear and top bants”, as Phil said. You can check out a playlist of past years’ spooky week videos right here. See you back for more spooks next October!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.