A Recap of All of Usain Bolt’s Gold Medals!

Believe it or not, the 4x100m relay marked Usain Bolt’s last ever Olympic race of his career. However by helping his team win this race, he became the first athlete in Olympic sprinting history to complete the triple-triple: winning gold medals in all three sprinting events, for three consecutive Olympic games. The closing ceremonies in Rio will mark the end of the games, the end of a legend’s Olympic career, and coincidentally, his 30th birthday. Here’s a look back at all his golden races!

1. 100m (2008, Beijing)

Time: 9.69 seconds

Most of us probably wouldn’t react too well if our shoe had come untied during an Olympic sprint finals race. Well, Usain Bolt isn’t like most of us. In fact, he was so far ahead that he slowed down to celebrate! Even with that, he crushed his old record.

2. 200m (2008, Beijing)

Time: 19.30 seconds

This time, he didn’t slow down until he was past the finish line but yet another world record was broken!

3. 4x100m (2008, Beijing)

Time: 37.10 seconds

Working in harmony with Afasa Powell, Nesta Carter, and Michael Frater, Usain’s first ever golden sweep was fulfilled in Beijing, and with a record broken during every race as well!

4. 100m (2012, London)


Time: 9.63 seconds

Back from a historical performance at the Beijing Olympics, Usain proved that he was back to keep winning.

5. 200m (2012, London)


Time: 19.32 seconds

This race ended with a legendary Jamaican podium sweep, after teammates Yohan Blake finished in second and Warren Weir in third.

6. 4x100m Relay (2012, London)


Time: 36.84 seconds

Team Jamaica winning this race also meant that Usain had completed a two-year sprint sweep, the double-triple!

7. 100m (2016, Rio)

Time: 9.81 seconds

Back for his final Olympic games, Bolt was determined to continue his legacy to the end of his journey. His message was loud and clear.

8. 200m (2016, Rio)

Time: 19.78 seconds

With fellow sprint superstars Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin out of the finals, this was an easy win for Bolt, finishing with a considerable lead!

9. 4x100m (2016, Rio)


Time: 37.27 seconds

The final Olympic race of Usain Bolt’s career ended as expected: with another gold medal, completing his triple-triple!

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