Reese Witherspoon to Make Barbie Movie

Barbies’ of the world unite! The gorgeous blonde bombshell Reese Witherspoon of ‘Legally Blonde’ fame wants to make a live-action movie about Barbie’s origins.

According to Variety, the American actress and producer has not only reportedly bought the movie rights to the Mattel character but may actually star in it too!

For us girls, we all know the fashion doll by dressing her up as children or watching ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’ with our own little divas.

The timing couldn’t be more right for a cinematic Barbie film, especially with Reese Witherspoon at the helm. Not only does she have the blonde credentials but she is also pushing for more ‘female-driven’ material under Bruna Papandrea’s Pacific Standard banner.

The upcoming film will be based on the 2010 best-selling book, ‘Barbie and Ruth: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her.’ The book tells the story of Barbie’s creator, Ruth Handler, who was inspired to make a doll that resembled that of a young woman for girls.

Although Barbie has done rather well in the animated motion picture industry with such hits as ‘The Secret Door’ and the more recent ‘Princess Power’, a live-action film would certainly re-establish a firm hold on the character’s popularity.

With the news of this rights acquisition to Witherspoon, fans of the CGI animated film series can rejoice as the upcoming instalments, ‘Spy Squad’ and ‘Star Light Adventure’ are still reportedly in production.

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Written by CelebMix