Relley C Releases Debut Music Video For “Unruly”

It has been over two months since Relley C dropped her debut single “Unruly”. Recently, she has been teasing fans about her upcoming music video for the song, building up excitement. Last night, she officially released the visual on her YouTube Channel – and it’s everything we expected and more!

She graced our TV screens when she auditioned for series 10 of The X Factor, where she got as far as Judges’ Houses. She later returned for series 13 and managed to make it to the Live Shows, coming in tenth place overall. Now she’s making her impact on the music industry, truly combining R&B with soul; creating a unique sound that deserves to be heard.

Watch Relley C’s Music Video For “Unruly” Here:

Filmed and edited by ‘Eyekandyvisuals’, this beautiful music video shows Relley C performing her debut single, overlooking a gorgeous landscape. The concept takes it back to when she was a child – who is played by Portia – and how far she has come since then.

This Olvr G-directed visual easily showcases Relley C as an artist. She puts her all in performing this track; sending out heartfelt energy to all her viewers. The visual was also co-shot by FF Creatives.

We’ve been waiting for this music video since the song’s release and it was totally worth the wait. We cannot wait to see what the future brings for Relley C.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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