Remi Cruz Launches Prizeo Campaign For Thirst Project

Remi Cruz is a YouTuber who films videos that include DIYs, fashion, and beauty. She has two YouTube channels, “MissRemiAshten” and “RemLife.” She films videos for YouTube while simultaneously attending college.

In Remi’s newest video, she announces the start of her philanthropic work. She states that she has always loved volunteering and doing community service throughout high school and college. Now that she has her Youtube platform, she wants to work with her fans to make a “big change in the world.”

Remi goes on to explain that the Thirst Project is working to end the global water crisis. Almost one in every eight people don’t have access to clean, safe, drinking water. 80% of diseases come from drinking contaminated water, which kills 2.2 million people every year. Currently, the Thirst Project is focusing on a country called Swaziland, which is a small country in Africa. The Thirst Project wants to provide access to clean drinking water to all the people in Swaziland by the year 2022. The Thirst Project raises money that will help build wells so people in communities can have access to clean water.

Remi Ashten Cruz Announces Her Campaign

Remi says that this cause really touches her heart. Fans who donate to the Thirst Project can win various prizes, such as a baseball cap, a shout out from Remi in her videos, and more. The grand prize ensures that one lucky fan and a friend will hang out with Remi for a whole day!

Remi’s goal is to raise $15,000 for the campaign. She reminds fans that every $25 raised will give someone clean drinking water for their entire life.

To find out more information about Remi’s campaign or to make a donation, visit!

We are so proud of Remi for using her platform to raise awareness about the global water crisis! What are your thoughts? Tweet us @CelebMix!

Written by Michele Mendez

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