Response to Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui from the girl group Fifth Harmony posted to Instagram late December 8, 2015 the following:

Response to Lauren 1

She later deleted the post and issued the following apology:

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to offend. I’ve had a lot of friends destroyed by some people prescribing them stuff they did not Need but that was no reason for me to get that aggressive and say that, I apologize, I understand it’s helped a lot of people, I spoke Publicly too soon, short wit. I apologize again greatly if I offended anyone. That was more of like a rant text to a close friend, I shouldn’t have taken that to social media. I again, really am sorry.”

Lauren should have known posting something of that caliber would entice critical responses. The main issue here is Lauren was upset and angry then posted to social media as most do. Lauren has just a few more million people who see it compared to you and I. This was in its purest form, a mistake. Lauren meant no harm to come from this.

Was it an uncalled for post? Absolutely. Should she have thought it though? Yes. Were we hurt by it? Honestly, yes, it made this writer feel uneasy. You should never purposely bash a profession you have no expertise on. She immediately saw the reaction, removed the post and issued an apology.

We are all human. We are all entitled to make mistakes. The great thing about mistakes is, a lot of times they turn into lessons. Lauren clearly has seen the error in her ways. She will learn from this.

Hate is never an answer. The responses I have witness to Lauren’s twitter are disgusting and most from “fans”. Admitting your favorite celebrity has flaws is one thing, but purposely attacking them on a subject a vast majority only knows limited information on is another.

Lauren’s post can appear to someone who is taking medication for mental illness to be hurt, confused and possibly influenced by her actions. Is taking medication wrong?! I saw tweets from girls who have mental illnesses. Many stated to Jauregui, that yes, they need to take medication daily, and yes, it helps. As someone with knowledge on mental illness, medication is not the villain. Some people are unable to properly function in society with out it. For most dealing with anxiety, depression or other illnesses, a balance of medication and therapy is needed. Everyone is different, some turn to herbal remedies, some take nothing at all. If you do or do not, it does not diagnose who you are as a person.

Simply because Lauren was uneducated on the subject does not mean she is an idiot. I sure as heck know nothing on organic chemistry, (I bet you don’t either) but that in no way makes me/us stupid.

Most importantly, we wish Lauren health, happiness and luck with whatever reason she went to see a psychiatrist. Mental health is not a subject to be taken lightly. In today’s society, it is no longer uncouth to be discussing mental illness. Just look at Demi Lovato who aided heavily in Fifth Harmony’s career. There is no reason to be ashamed to admitting you have a problem. It is highly discussed, that the first step to recovery is admittance. Possibly Lauren will take a well deserved step and focus on her health. She sings it all the time, she is “worth it”.

(Killing a perfectly punny ending) Please google, read, search, and learn about mental illness.

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Written by CelebMix