Review: 5SOS // 5th April 2018 // London

After two years of silence, 5 Seconds of Summer brings back their sonic trademark in an upgraded and matured fashion. Their most exclusive performance of the tour yet; the only show in the whole of the UK on the 5SOS3 tour with a capacity of only 1,600 eager fans at Heaven in London.

We waited in suspense for a glimpse of the heart-throbs; Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood. Every small movement, every small noise and the crowd went wild, but still, no one to be seen apart from the tech guy.

Then, the lights go down, the screams get louder and Ashton’s drum solo breaks through the screams. Calum, Michael and Luke shortly join him on stage before the adoring fans. Keeping it classic, the guys perform their debut hit single She Looks So Perfect, creating a nostalgic vibe as fans reminisce over their early days. As the song ends, there’s no time to stop dancing as they have already started playing Girls Talk Boys – the hit single from the new Ghostbusters movie. If this wasn’t enough already, they then perform old favourite Disconnected, adding a more intimate feel, leading fans to remember where it all began.

Luke begins to make the first interaction with the crowd, getting everyone excited for the new music that is about to be performed. Moving Along is the next song from the upcoming album to be played, setting the bar high for their new releases, although many are already singing along after the first chorus. Throwing it back to their last album, the guys perform She’s Kinda Hot with the audience clapping along to the iconic beat of the chorus. 5SOS once again debut their new, grunge vibes – similar to influence Nirvana -with track Valentine which they debuted at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last month.

After a heart-warming speech from Calum about his fans, family and friends, the performance becomes more personal as the opening riff of Amnesia begins. The audience beautifully accompanies 5SOS as they sing the heartbreaking ballad.

Straight after, 5SOS burst into Lie To Me, another new track before Waste The Night and a speech from Ashton, rightly referring to himself as “everyone’s favourite talking drummer” which we think is so true! Talk Fast is the next new hit before Michael talks about the next song Young Blood – deemed by fans to be the favourite from the upcoming album.

Penultimate song Jet Black Heart begins, a favourite from their last album Sounds Good, Feels Good, and the crowd are roaring with excitement. The final song of the show, recent hit single Want You Back, sends fans into a frenzy as everyone savours the remaining few moments of watching their favourite band perform. After the final bows and throwing of guitar picks and drumsticks, the lights come back on, leaving everyone longing for 5SOS to release their new album and return to London soon!

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Written by Evie Hewitt

studying music promotion & has an obsession with bands, online shopping & chicken nuggets