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REVIEW: Davis Mallory’s LOUD EP

Davis Mallory is back with a new EP called LOUD – check out our review of it below!

‘Under Your Spell’ is extremely captivating and one of our favourites from LOUD. The prominent beats paired with the soft tones of Davis’ voice work harmoniously to create an unsuspectingly romantic song. Speaking to CelebMix, Davis said ‘I wrote [Under Your Spell] after a break up and is about new love and a culmination of all the times I have been in love in my life’.

‘Ocean Blue’ features a collaboration with Paulo Ventura, a Nashville-based Brazilian EDM producer, and Brazilian DJ/Producer RDR. In this song Davis describes how he will ‘travel the ocean blue just to get to you’ and pursue his love. The mix of styles in the song almost acts as telling different stages of the journey, an interesting choice that we love.

The title track ‘Loud’ is a definite winner for us here at CelebMix. Its seductive lyrics and inspiration from Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’ make for an upbeat song, perfected even further by its amazing music video which you can check out here!

‘Be With You’ tones down the atmosphere with subtle rock undertones seemingly influenced by music such as Linkin Park. Its mood is one of passion mixed with devastation, the repetition of ‘I can’t be without you’ clearly reinforces Davis’ heartbreak after his break up.

‘Distance’ is next, with more acoustic vibes than previous songs. Davis told CelebMix the song was written to describe the effects of a long distance relationship. The raw emotion is apparent in both the lyrics and voice, which take centre stage among the more stripped-down tone.

‘Not That Far Away’ begins to build up the pace again after Distance, with what Davis states as ‘Katy Perry vibes’. We could not agree more, particularly with the ethereal and whimsical sounds and soft vocals.

‘Because Of Love’ features French duo Vorden and the result of this pairing is an electrifying, unique sound which would not be out of place in a club. Personally, we think Because Of Love would make the perfect gym motivation track!

‘Help’ was created with Turkish producer KKM Kaan and is also a favourite here at CelebMix. With club-electronic vibes, this tune is sure to get you dancing! We love the mix and overlapping of different unusual sounds, which in turn creates a song you’ll be dancing to throughout the summer.

With all these songs combined together, Davis Mallory has created an excellent EP with the perfect combination of dance hits and more stripped back tunes, allowing his vocals to take centre stage. It’s definitely an EP to add to your summer playlist!

Listen to LOUD here!


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