Review: Diversity Up Close And Personal Tour

Diversity have come a long way since they won Britain’s Got Talent.

Last night I was lucky enough to see them perform on the last night of their Up Close And Personal Tour at The Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays.

The show is opened by Theo – who is the mini-me of Diversity member  Perri Kiely, with his big hair and glasses.   Theo exudes confidence and happiness and is a good choice to open the show with a comical and theatrical routine. We are then launched into the world of Diversity.

Very effective laser lighting is used in the opening number and we see plenty of trademark Diversity moves: astounding and jaw dropping – they must practice in their sleep as they are utterly precise and flawless. Their timing and symmetry is as near to perfection as they are going to get. Some of the jumps/flips/twists they execute are gravity defying and leave you astonished

Ashley Banjo is the choreographer and leader of Diversity.   He is clearly at home on stage and at ease when he interacts with the audience.   He has an easy, charming manner and is a very likeable, he was a great show to MC the show, as he is a firm crowd favourite.

Diversity found  fame in 2009 when they won Britain’s Got Talent – beating Susan Boyle take the title.

The show paid homage to their routes and gave the audience a real chance to get to know the group. There was some humorous moments with “Dad Dancing”where the group got Dads from the audience to go on stage and take part in a dance off.

That was then followed by a interlude from one of the “dads” who the audience were lead to believe was just a regular dad interrupting the show to take selfies with the group. Turns out he was in fact a plant. His name was Little Tim and the crowd was informed after watching him dance with the group,that he had been somewhat of a mentor to Ashley Banjo growing up.He was the first person to teach Ashley a piece of choreography.


There was a lovely section which paid tribute to Ashley and Jordan Banjo’s Nan who sadly passed away this year, the VT showed just how big of an impact she had on the whole Diversity family. The dance which followed was an emotionally charged and fitting tribute to a lady who the group had so much love and respect for.

The whole show was full of the high energy you except from Diversity and they had a great supporting cast of a live band which featured a guitarist,saxophonist and a drummer. The vocal group that accompanied them “Urban Voices” were very talented.

The show a visual treat from start to finish and was a pleasure to watch.

I look forward to Diversity’s returning to the stage with their “Genesis” tour in 2017.






Written by Kelly McFarland

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