REVIEW: First Aid Kit Live in Concert

Two Swedish sisters, Klara Söderberg and Johanna Söderberg form the upcoming, next big thing, First Aid Kit. Listening to them on an iPhone or in the car doesn’t do them justice, you need to see these two brilliant sisters live.

The sisters took Blue Hills Pavilion in Boston, MA on September 7th, 2018 and totally owned the stage with their confidence filled songs and important ones for that matter, such as “You Are the Problem Here,” a song that is about the denunciation of rape culture. “We need to put the blame and shame back where it belongs,” Klara declared on stage. The two sisters performed the important song against a smoky backdrop, with gravelly voices, anger and disbelief at the audacity of men who violate women and refuse to take responsibility. “We wrote this song out of frustration and feeling tired of being really f*cking scared.”

The audience felt this and cheered along with them in agreement with the two Swedish sisters.

The sound that First Aid Kit has is so different in today’s music world. The sound and persona draws on the past, with country and folk sounds of singers from the 1960s and 70s. Even their style evokes the era.

Their performance was one of the best concerts ever. The sisters’ voices are as strong and clear in front of 6,000 people as they would be in a room of fifty.

You need to see these sisters live in concert before their Rebel Heart Tour ends. You can purchase tickets to their tour here.

Written by Will Heffernan