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Review: Haley Reinhart Releases New Album ‘Lo-Fi Soul’

Co-producer of her newest album, Haley Reinhart, is slowly rising with the release of Lo-Fi Soul, a 13-track album already heating up the charts and currently top 6 on iTunes’ alternative album chart.

The lead track, “Deep Water,” showcases the album’s overall vintage vibe carried by Haley Reinhart’s soulful vocals inspired by the influential Jackson 5. With each unique song added to Reinhart’s list, her music is already reaching over 500 million streams.

The titled song “Lo-Fi Soul,” in which lo-fi is defined as recording and producing music with basic equipment and having a raw and unsophisticated sound, is everything but unsophisticated. Reinhart’s gentle vocals accompany a vintage-looking music video where Reinhart is seen in a series of homemade videos with a mystery lover. The folk-inspired track moves at a speed reminding us of the old songs Lana Del Rey and Marina & The Diamonds have released.

Haley Reinhart slows it down in “Lay It Down” to detail a failing relationship and wanting to know everything that went wrong between them. A violin and piano lead her tranquil voice through to the end “Was there something I could do/ Did I ask too much from you/ Ya know I can take the truth/ So lay it down.”

The “Honey, There’s The Door” single is a fun Marilyn Monroe fantasy where she wants to find the man of her dreams who treats her like the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Similarly to some of the other songs and videos from the album, Reinhart keeps a joyful, youthful vibe throughout them. This catchy tune is uniquely followed by adorable scenes of relationship goals.

Each particular song on the album strives to tell a story through a variety of musical genres. This album will give you jazzy, blues, and rock and roll vibes from start to finish that keep you wanting more. It’s an album that Reinhart evidently put her time and soul into.

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_