Review: Justin Bieber Exclusive Event

Tonight 11 February, Justin Bieber held an exclusive question and answer session along with an acoustic set with songs from his new album Changes as well as others of his classic old tracks.

Fans attended from all over the globe and were eager to ask Justin Bieber their questions:

If you could describe your album in three words what would they be?

Justin: Really Fricking Awesome

Who is your favourite featured artist in one of your songs?

Justin: That’s a tough one. I don’t know, honestly, I don’t think I can pick one. I just feel like they all add something completely different but great question.

How does the album represent everything that you have been through?

Justin: The album had a lot to do with all the troubles that I have been through over the past couple of years. I think a lot of us go through our individual struggles as you can see I have struggled with Lime Disease and lots of stuff that has affected my mental health. So it definitely affects it in that way.

I came all the way from Spain, are you going to release any of the songs that are on the documentary series?

Justin: Yes there are definitely going to be songs released. ‘La Bomba’ will be released, it’s not going to be on Changes the actual album but it will be out soon.

If you could meet anyone from history or someone who is currently alive who would it be?

Justin: That’s a good question. It’s such a tough one. I would say probably Muhammed Ali.

Have you seen any changes in your fans since the beginning?

Justin: Absolutely, so I think obviously as I grow the fans grow with me. Hopefully, they can see my journey and hopefully that encourages them and inspires them to keep going. At the end of the day, I keep specifying that we all go through our unique individual changes and we can either handle it with grace, love and patience and kindness or we can choose to be angry, bitter and resentful and all these sorts of things. So hopefully my journey can inspire you guys to know that you can push forward. So I see that a lot with a lot of the people that I see in this room, I have seen a lot of you before and I have seen the journey that you guys have taken and you keep getting better and better.

What has been your biggest change from the Purpose album until now?

Justin: I got married! It was a big change. I’m telling you, being married is so awesome but marriage is not easy it’s something you have to work for. If everybody thought marriage was easy everyone would do it really fast. If you guys want to have children and get married just know you have to work for it. You have to love that person and be kind to that person and that takes work. When you do it, it’s powerful. It’s just incredible.

What’s your favourite song on the new album?

Justin: It changes every day but right now I would go with ‘At Least For Now’ which is a slow jam and one of the last songs on the album. It’s one of my favourites.

What does a regular day look like for you when you’re not on tour or in the studio?

Justin: It depends who I’m with when I’m with my wife we like to watch movies and Netflix and chill. I play a lot of sports as you guys know. I have been playing sports since I was young, hockey and soccer. I have been playing a lot of hockey lately which I really love. I have been staying to a regular structure and it has helped keep my brain occupied. I like knowing what’s going to come rather than just rolling with it. I think when we structure our lives it’s really helpful.

Justin answering fans questions

After the question and answer session, it was time to play some of his tracks. He started with a track off of Changes called ‘Yummy’. All the songs he played were acoustic and they all sounded incredible. Next, he performed his latest single ‘Intentions (feat Quavo)’ this is another track from the album Changes. After this, he played a new song live for the first time. This track was ‘Changes’ from the Changes album. This was the first time fans had heard the song and it was such an amazing reaction for Justin Bieber.

After these new tracks he went into the hit song ‘Love Yourself’ and much to the fans disappointment he had only one track left, ‘All That Matters’.

To finish he thanked his fans for always supporting him and that if they are ever going through anything, they are not alone. This was such a positive event for both Justin Bieber and his fans. It has left them even more excited for February 14th when Changes album is released.

Watch his latest single ‘Intentions’ here.

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Written by Indiatabony

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