Review – Marianas Trench , Suspending Gravity Tour-Sheffield

Canadian pop-punk band Marianas trench consisting of Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman, and Mike Ayley blew the crowd away at there Sheffield gig as part of the UK/Europe leg of the Suspending Gravity tour in support of there fifth studio album Phantoms.

Supporting was DJ George Thoms who took to the stage playing a mix of crowd favourites that helped fire up the already excited crowd that was forming. Next was Vancouver based Dirty radio with fun upbeat songs the crowd couldn’t resist dancing to and the duos impressive stage presence commanding the crowd as if they were the headliner they were a hit with the crowd and us and we hope to see more of them soon.

Marianas trench took to the stage with roaring cheers from the audience. Starting with the haunting Eleonora the four-piece set the tone for the rest of the evening with mind-blowing harmonies showcasing the bands’ talent.

The setlist builds a perfect mix of old fan favourites and songs from phantoms that had the loyal crowd hooked from start to finish and wanting more.

Old hits such as All to myself and celebrity status had the crowd singing every word at the top of there lungs and bouncing along. Which the band themselves mentioned was crazy due to the little promotion they’ve had over In the UK as the crowd how they had found out about them.

The band effortlessly changed from fast full of energy songs to slower emotion fuelled tracks that had the crowds silently hang on to each word you could tell just how much the music and the band meant to many people in the room.

Ramsay’s vocals and stage presence is always electrifying and of top quality and this show was no different from his energetic performance interacting with and bouncing off the crowd’s energy to more theatrical moments mixed with his incredible vocal talent and range the show was faultless from start to end.

As they ended the show with the album closer for Phantoms The Killing Kind which provided one last chance to show off their incredible harmony arrangements and left the stage the crowd was loud with cheers and chants of one more song it’s obvious there is so much potential for the bands growth in the UK and here at Celebmix we hope to see this soon.

It’s not too late to check out Marianas trench on the UK/European leg of the suspending gravity tour for more information click here.

Written by Charlotte Freeman-Coates

21 year old journalism student who loves music and travelling.
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