Review: A Night Out With Over Atlantic

On Sunday we went to see Over Atlantic live at Camden Assembly in London for their sold-out headline show. The show consisted of 2 live sets from the band and we are totally impressed by what we witnessed.

Before the show even started the band held a fan social with music and food. The fans got to know each other with many of them traveling from around the country and in some instances even from other countries. During this time the band was upstairs for over 2 hours meeting with all 400 fans that had paid to see them. Welcoming and warming, the band greeted everyone with a smile and hug. All their fans walked out smiling and excitedly telling their new friends their stories. It was thrilling for both the band and all their lucky fans.

During their first set of the evening, the band played a few acoustic songs, which they said on stage they hadn’t done before. The packed out crowd appeared to enjoy it. They sang songs from their debut EP “Likes Me Like That”, brought fan favorite “Back Tonight” back for tonight as well as bringing their first cover “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes back because fans voted earlier on during the day to hear that tune. The band stripped back their vocals and instrumentals to play a few incredible songs. During this first set, they also answered a few questions from their fans. One fan asked who the band’s inspirations were, Charlie Jones and Gabriel Gomer said their inspirations were their fathers. What a nice, respectable thing for the young men to say. Another fan asked them how they have their toast. Trevor Cash said he likes his with beans and Sean Killeen said he once witnessed his dad spread butter on every corner of the bread and has mimicked that ever since. Interesting question with interesting answers.

Their next set began not long after a quick break and outfit change. All the fans were even more excited by then. Their second set began with an upbeat pop song “Are We Going To Do This Or Not.” The fans loved it, we loved it and their families scattered around the venue loved it. It was incredible. Their set continued with a few covers and even more originals. The crowd didn’t stop throughout the whole set. Halfway through, Charlie and Sean went off stage so Liam (Ross), Gabe, and Trevor could show off their guitar and drum skills. We were so impressed with their skills. When Charlie and Sean came back on stage the band sang The Killers song Mr. Brightside, a song they originally sang on their headline tour in April 2017. Fans went crazy!

We saw a friend of the band, and former member of the boyband Stereo Kicks, James Graham, showing his support at the show tonight.

The band ended their headline show with their new, unreleased song “Both” and we can definitely say we enjoyed BOTH of their sets tonight.

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Written by Khya Gott

I’m 19 years old. Travelling across the country to various concerts and events.