Rihanna's Anti World Tour is coming to Sunderland.

Review: Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour

Since the release of her newest album, Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour has been exciting news for all. ANTI the album was released just this year and has the No. 1 hit “Work” as her first single; it’s even tied with the Beatles record for most weeks at the No. 1 spot. Just a few days ago we were able to see Rihanna live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and this is what went down.

Rihanna opened with her glamorous single “Stay” by appearing on a white square platform in the middle of the arena. She wears a white flowing robe with the hood covering her face, which makes her look more mysterious. As she continues to sing a bridge carries her over the fans and across to the stage. What an entrance!


She continues to sing new melodies from ANTI as well as classic hits from her other albums. “Umbrella”, “Diamond”, “Kiss It Better”, and “Love on the Brain” are just some of the songs Rihanna sings throughout her performance. Multiple costume changes are worked in throughout her songs and backup dancers work their stuff during “Work” (obviously).  Another popular single by Rihanna is “Bitch Better Have My Money”, which she sings at the beginning of the concert. Rihanna sings it fabulously!

Not only did Rihanna perform a fabulous concert, she reminded us of old time party hits and introduced us to new hits to come! Is ANTI World Tour coming to a city near you? Find out and get your tickets here! Tweet us your favorite moments from Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour at @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix