Review: School of Rock: The Musical Album

Do you remember the movie School of Rock? If you need a recap, Jack Black plays Dewey Finn, a rock star who is struggling to make it big. He poses as a substitute teacher and turns his class into a rock band who competes in a Battle of the Bands competition. Now the movie has become a Broadway show which officially opens this Sunday. You don’t have to wait until then to rock out, because the musical’s album is available now on iTunes.

20 songs make up the album, including three bonus tracks: “I’m Too Hot for You,” “If Only You Would Listen” and a rock version of “In the End of Time.” 16 songs are in the Broadway show, as the Wall Street Journal explains the song, “Give Up Your Dreams,” was cut from the show.

As expected, there are some hard rock songs on the album. Dewey Finn, played by Alex Brightman, imagines what will happen when he makes it big in “When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock.” The magic happens when the rock band is formed in “You’re in the Band.” This song also has a 360-degree video on YouTube, which you can watch right here:

There are also a couple of rock ballads mixed in the album. The kids only want their parents to listen to them in “If Only You Would Listen.” Principal Rosalie Mullins, portrayed by Sierra Boggess,  wonders what happened to the rock and passion in “Where Did the Rock Go.”

The album also includes songs that feature the kids rocking out. While Dewey is in a meeting, the band gets ready to practice in “Time to Play.” Later, the band has their big moment, as they rock out to “School of Rock (Teacher’s Pet)” during their Battle of the Bands performance.

Overall, this is a strong album with great songs. Plus, there are some familiar songs from the movie. The cast is extremely talented and it shows in this album.

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Written by CelebMix