Review: Shane Filan’s Right Here Tour.

Shane Filan is currently half way through his Right Here tour.

Last night we were lucky enough to catch a show at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

Joe Miles was first on stage to warm up the crowd. He did a thirty-minute set. He opened with a song called “Fool In Love.” After the song someone in the crowd shouted that they “Loved the guitar.” Joe jokingly replied that they “Loved the guitar, but not the person playing it.” This set the tone for the rest of his set.

Joe Miles loves a bit of banter with the crowd- In between the rest of his set which included his songs ” Running,One Last Chance” and “I’m Not That Way”, which he got the crowd to help him sing- he had lots of fun banter with the crowd, at one point asking if the show as a comedy show when they started shouting for him to take his hat off. He also did a fantastic cover of Jon Legends “All of Me”, which really got the crowd warming up their vocals ready for Shane.

Joe finished his set with a beautiful song called “Standing On My Own,” which he dedicated to a girl named Lucy who passed away two years ago and to the people who have been affected by the attacks in Brussels.

Joe’s set was fun and really got the crowd ready and warmed up for Shane. The only question the  audience was left wondering at the end of his set, was just what was under his hat?


  1. Fool in Love
  2. Running
  3. One Last Chance
  4. All of Me
  5. I’m Not That Way
  6. Standing on my Own.




CelebMix Writer Kelly, with Joe Miles after his set.
CelebMix Writer Kelly, with Joe Miles after his set.

Next up came Shane himself.

Shane  opened up with “Everything To Me.” The crowd were on their feet singing along from the first note. Then he went straight in to an old Westlife favourite “What About Now.” Followed by a song off his new album “Effortlessly You.”

He then welcomed the screaming crowd to the show, telling them how he always loves coming to Manchester to do shows as he has fond memories of Manchester as he used to come to Manchester on holiday as child. His first trip abroad on areoplane  as a child was to the city.

He told the crowd “Tonight he was home in Manchester”, which was a nice transition in to another Westlife hit “Home.”.


Review: Shane Filan's Right Here Tour. 2

The set list was a good music of Westlife hits and his own solo material.  He did a cover of  Walk The Moon’s 2014 hit “Shut Up and Dance”, which suited him down to the ground and the crowd absolutely loved.

He introduced his band to the screaming crowd. Ben on Guitar and vocals, David on Piano and vocals . Matt on the drums and Jimmy on Guitar,vocals and Bass. Jimmy was certainly the crowd favourite and received the biggest cheer.


Shane also thanked all the crew backstage and his wife and three kids who were in the audience enjoying the show with the crowd.

The crowd were on their feet singing and clapping along for the duration of the show. Towards the end of the show he spoke to a young male fan who when given the microphone by Shane told the crowd how much he loved Shane and how Shane singing makes him very happy. The fan also got a hug and photo off Shane. It was a lovely moment which showed just how much Shane appreciates his fans,even stopping a show to have a chat with them and take photos.

He ended the night with “You Raise Me Up.” a firm crowd pleaser which saw phone lights being and arms being waved as the crowd sang along.

It was a fantastic show, Shane is a phenomenal vocalist who really delivers the goods live. He is a must see live.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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