REVIEW: Summer Streets – 19/7/15

The sunshine was out in full force today, the perfect opportunity to head down to London’s annual free event, Summer Streets. Taking place every Sunday of July, Summer Streets offers the chance to wander down a traffic free Regent Street, exploring the arts, browsing in the shops and sitting in the sunshine.

The day was well-organised, and ran without a hitch, there was a whole host of music, dancing and street art on offer; but first I got my seat to watch Regent Street’s very own fashion show. The show was a mix of male and female models showcasing all that Regent Street’s shops have to offer, with music as loud as the colours on display, the show was short and sweet and ran throughout the day- even offering the audience the chance to take to the catwalk themselves!

I first ventured over to Live Academy Stage A to watch Music Sundays but the two lads were out of action for the performance due to acting commitments, so it was left to female vocalist and guitarist, Catherine, to deliver the performance solo, and deliver it she did! Her vocals were soft and melodic, with the sounds coming from her guitar and ukelele matching accordingly. The lyrics were fast-paced and wonderfully wholesome, coupled with intricate melodies, it was magic to listen to. If this was only a third of what Music Sundays has to offer, I can’t imagine how beautiful the whole band must sound together.

After a quick dash over to Stage B, I was in the crowd to see Robbie White take to the mic, accompanied by fellow musicians, Charlotte Hardwood and Alex Turney. The set was kicked off by an original song of Robbie’s, Save What Can Be Found; a powerful, emotive piece with beautiful guitar melodies and a strong percussion to back it up. My favourite of the covers performed had to be the trio’s mash up of The Beatles’ Come Together and Eminem’s Lose Yourself. The transitions between both numbers were flawless and the vocals were immensely strong, ranging from the hard-hitting harmonies of Paul McCartney, with the more soft, whispery tones of Eminem. Overall, the set was amazing, it generated atmosphere and a great deal of support from the crowds, who ventured out to watch- my only complaint was that it wasn’t longer than twenty minutes!

The music acts on offer interchanged between both stages throughout the day, amongst  street performers taking to their spot and dance classes breaking out a midst the street. The place was erupting with energy, as pedestrians were able to walk leisurely about the road for this traffic-free event. I would highly recommend everyone, especially those with an appreciation for keeping the arts alive, to check it out- it is free after all!

Written by CelebMix