Review: The Magnettes London Show

On February 28th we were lucky enough to head down to Great Portland Street’s Venue 229 to check out a Swedish group ‘The Magnettes’. With their brand new single ‘KimNKanye’ released on March 1st

To start the show the drummer played a beat on the drum to the girls coming out of the audience singing and dancing, filling the room with energy. They performed their newest single ‘KimNKanye’ which they were dancing in the crowd for their performance. This got the crowd smiling and moving with The Magnettes. The band announced that they are very excited as their newest single was released on March 1st.

The most memorable track that The Magnettes performed was ‘Killers In A Ghost Town’. This suited the girls unique style and showed their talent to sing a variety of music styles. Other tracks on the set list included ‘ANX’ and their final track ‘Sad Girls Club’.

We were also about to interview the girls on the latest track ‘KimNKanye’. Check the video out on our YouTube channel here,