Ricky Dillon Releases Twisted Truth Or Dare Card Game

YouTuber Ricky Dillon has officially released his first card game called “Twisted Truth Or Dare.” The game comes with 300 different playing cards that are divided into three categories: Twisted, Truth, and Dare.

How To Play

The game is suggested for ages 13+ and made for 3 or more players. The first person playing draws a Twisted card and chooses who it most likely represents. For example, “Most likely to get stuck on a roof…” The person selected then chooses between a Truth or Dare card and then completes the assigned task. One the person is done, they draw a new Twisted card and the round starts over. The player who gets 10 Twisted cards loses, and the player with the least Twisted cards wins.

Buy The Game

Twisted Truth Or Dare costs $24.99, and you can purchase it here. Ricky says if you purchase it now, you will get it just in time for the holidays. There is also a Black Friday sale for the game that is available now until Monday. Use the code “ILOVERICKY” for free shipping! Hurry! There are only 1,000 left!

On November 23, Ricky Dillon uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, where he plays the game with The Gabbie Show and Thatsojack.

See Twisted Truth Or Dare in action!

Ricky will also be touring with The Gabbie Show and Thatsojack on Fullscreen’s Drop the Mic Tour, along with Andrew Lowe and Chachi Gonzales. The tour starts on November 30th and will run through December 22. To purchase tickets, click here.

See Ricky Dillon on the Drop The Mic tour!


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Cover Photo Credits: Ricky Dillon Official Twitter

Written by Michele Mendez

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