Ricky Dillon

Ricky Dillon releases video about his sexuality

Ricky Dillon has joined many other YouTubers that have recently decided to be brave. Ricky released a video talking about his sexual orientation. In the video, he states he does not want to define himself with a label. However, some of his followers have commented on his sexuality so, he decided to clear the air and not hide anymore.

Ricky explains that he is not sexually attracted to either gender. He also explains that is happy with not being in a relationship. If he were to define himself, the closest definition would be asexual. Addtionally, he adds that he doesn’t know the correct definition of asexual. However, he states that he does know the definition of Ricky. You can watch the video to hear Ricky’s explanation of his sexuality.

His viewers soon filled his comments with support. His followers also showed their support on Twitter, with one of his fans tweeting that he should live how he wants to live.

Additionally, Ricky thanked his fans on Twitter for being so supportive.

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