Rihanna Left Stunned by Fan

Rihanna is currently on tour promoting her new album. A concert in Cincinnati has resulted in a wonderful video that has taken the internet by storm.

One would expect, during a Rihanna concert, that she would be the one stunning fans all the way through, considering her extraordinary talent. But this was not the case during a concert on March 19th.

While singing FourFiveSeconds, her hit song featuring collaboration with Kanye West and Paul McCartney, the singer leant down and handed her microphone over to a fan in the front row. Now normally this would result in a cry of love or a rather embarrassing singing moment but ‘TJ Stewart’ definitely gave everyone something different. The fan sang like an angel along to Rihanna’s song, calmly and with all vocals pitch perfect, leaving all the other fans, the internet and Rihanna herself, in utter shock, hence the reaction that has become an internet sensation.

Rihanna was in face to blown away, she gave TJ a second go at singing!

The fan is an assistant director of intercultural programming in Ohio and posts covers of songs on YouTube (follow the link below).


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Written by CelebMix